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Australia's Brightest Stars

This "web gadget" is intended to provide access to the "official" websites of Australian Genre Professionals (authors, artists, critics, journalists, editors etc.). The list will expand as we become aware of more of them, or establish them using eidolon.net's Homesite system.

The entries in the list are of three types:
  • Firstname Surname
        Website is a minimal Homesite.
  • * Firstname Surname *
        Website is a full Homesite.
  • [Firstname Surname]
        Website is located offsite (ie. not hosted through eidolon.net).

    Currently, eidolon.net hosts full Homesites for Jack Dann, Stephen Dedman, Terry Dowling and Sean Williams, with Simon Brown, Sean McMullen, Garth Nix and Steven Paulsen coming very soon.

  • Australia's Brightest Stars
    photo: 2000 catriona sparks

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