Ideomancer Goes For Pro

WA-published international genre fiction webzine Ideomancer is now offering authors more per word than any Australian genre magazine.

After a brief closure in January, Ideomancer reopened this month with new guidelines and new rates. The webzine now offers three US cents per word, to a maximum of US$100.00 per story.

According to SFWA by-laws, only periodicals paying US$0.03/word can qualify as "professional", a classification permitting the publication itself to join as an associate member and work published therein to count towards an author's SFWA membership. Nevertheless, Ideomancer has yet to be adjudged professional by the relevant SFWA sub-committee, and its lack of paid subscribers might still mean it fails to qualify. (The Science Fiction Writers of America organisation is the defacto international "peak body" for writers in the genre.)

Ideomancer offers a mix of new and "classic" fiction in a highly readable, technically sophisticated and colourful design. Robert Hood will be Featured Author at the webzine for the first three months of 2003.

In November 2001 publisher Chris Clarke answered a few questions about the origins of the site:
When did you guys first go online?

Ideomancer went online in its current form in August [2001]. Before that I was one of the editors there in its previous incarnation and when the previous publisher wanted out, I took over and revamped the site.

How did you gather your team?

We all met via the internet, initially through an online workshop. We all liked each other's work and formed a writers' group. When Ideomancer needed editors, it was the obvious place to start. I'm here in Perth, the others are in Canada, Ireland and on both coasts of the USA.

Any interest in print publication?

It's always in the back of our mind. We have a goal of getting the magazine running smoothly in the first year, then we may try getting submissions for a POD anthology in year 2. We intend to have a fiction contest in the new year and we'll see what the response is like. If we get some quality entries, we'll start thinking about the antho.

Any connection to Fictionwise?

We're an affiliate of Fictionwise. We make money from them if people buy Fictionwise products through our site. Hasn't been terribly successful so far, but then we haven't done much to push it yet. As I'm sure you know, generating revenue to pay contributors is difficult over the internet, but we live in hope.

Very nice site, btw.

Thanks. There are a few bugs and more work to be done. But the new version should be up in a couple of weeks. It won't look much different, but will me smoother and load quicker.
Anthology Ideomancer Unbound was released through ebook specialists Fictionwise in December 2002.

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