Imparting the Craft
Jack will be teaching a KSP Master Class (see article) in July 2003 and joining five other tutors to teach at the inaugural Clarion South Writers' Workshop (see article) in Jan/Feb 2004. (11/01/03)

Schedule, second half of 2002
Jack will be concentrating on his writing for the second half of 2002, although Masterclasses in various parts of the country (Australia) are in the works. "The Diamond Pit" has been nominated for a Hugo Award, but Jack won't be able to make the ConJose WorldCon; he is, however, planning to attend the World Fantasy Convention 2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota October 31 – November 3, 2002. Closer to home, Jack will be launching AL McCann's historical fantasy The White Body of Evening at the Melbourne Writers' Festival on Friday, 30 August at 4 pm. (26/07/02)

Jack's Calendar, September – November 2001
The latest additions to Jack's calendar (Late 2001) include the Melbourne Writers' Festival, two Workshops and a book launch. (26/08/01)

Jack's Calendar, March – April 2001
In a busy month and a half, Jack will attend the AAs, give a reading in Brisbane, run workshops in two states and attend a convention and a conference in a third. Check out Jack's Early 2001 Calendar for all the details. (23/02/01)

The Business of Writing seminar irl
Jack is deliverying his "The Business of Writing" seminar at the Victorian Writers Centre, 156 George Street, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia, on Thursday, 14 December. For more information, contact Amanda Lawrence, Program Officer, on +61 3 9415 1077. (11/12/00)

Jack at the KGB
On 15 November, Jack read to a live audience from his James Dean novel-in-progress Second Chance. The event, which also featured James Patrick Kelly and John Kessell, took place at the KGB Bar in New York City. (15/11/00)

"Leonardo: Myth, Genius and Fantasy"
Shortly before his US trip, Jack has spoken at a Sydney seminar entitled "Leonardo da Vinci: the Creative Imagination" sponsored by the Powerhouse Museum and WEA—and incidentally featuring the exhibition of The Codex Leicester. Introduced as "a writer who will really entertain you", Jack delivered a speech entitled "Leonardo: Myth, Genius and Fantasy" to a large audience. (21/10/00)

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