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Dowling A Year's Best Again
Terry Dowling's chilling "Stitch", first published online here in December 2002, has been selected by editor Ellen Datlow for the 2003 international Datlow/Windling anthology The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Annual Collection.

Playing the Palace
Terry's story "The Bone Ship", due to appear in the international Horror anthology Gathering the Bones next year, has been picked to represent the book in the March 2003 Australian Womens' Weekly. Terry's most recent story "Stitch" was published online in December 2002.

NSW Writers' Centre Workshops 2003
Terry will present four Science Fiction & Fantasy workshops at the NSW Writers’ Centre in early 2003, two for adults (1 February and 22 February) and two for young writers (14 January and 16 January).

The four workshops are:

YEARS 10, 11 & 12 THURSDAY 16 JANUARY, 10AM – 4PM

Do you want to be a Science Fiction or Fantasy writer? Have you ever wondered where Science Fiction and Fantasy writers get their ideas, how they build their strange, exciting worlds and create their characters? In this one-day holiday workshop, Terry will help you find and develop your ideas, create interesting settings and strong, believable characters (everything from heroes to monsters!). He will also provide useful hints on how to present your work professionally. Participants are asked to bring a sample piece of their writing to the session.

Young members and members’ children $30, others $40. GST inclusive. Bring writing materials and lunch.


Worlds and Futures that work. What you need and what to avoid. A one-day course on these exciting and lucrative storytelling genres with an emphasis on producing what sells. Terry will focus on the special requirements of the field: creating worlds which are consistent and logical, characters who are believable and interesting, and situations which will intrigue the modern reader. Special attention will be given to current local and international markets, the presentation of manuscripts, and important strategies for developing both style and the suspension of disbelief essential for success in the field. Participants are asked to bring a sample piece of their writing to the session.

Members $60; Members’ Concession $50; Non-Members $90. GST inclusive. Bring lunch and writing materials.

Enquiries should be directed to:
NSW Writers’ Centre
PO Box 1056
Rozelle NSW 2039
Phone: 02-9555 9757
Email: nswwc@ozemail.com.au


Terry to Teach Clarion
Terry has signed on as a tutor for the inaugural Clarion South Writers’ Workshop to be held in Queensland in January-February 2004.

Fantastic Fictions
Terry was a guest speaker at the Fantastic Fictions Symposium at Sydney University on Friday 27 September 2002.

Terry presented a paper entitled “Spot-Checking the Emperor” and also received a mention in “Exploding the Monomyth: Myth and Fantasy in a Postmodern World”, the plenary paper presented by Professor Brian Attebery of the Department of English and Philosophy at Idaho State University:

Terry Dowling, Brian Attebery and Scott Westerfeld chat over
dinner after the symposium. (Photo ©2002 Cat Sparks.)

“Other writers have found different, but similarly complex, ways of bridging the gap between themselves and the magical stories they want to retell. Besides [Jeanne] Larsen and [Ursula] Le Guin, this group includes Karen Fowler, Molly Gloss, John Crowley, Alan Garner, Patricia Wrightson, Terry Dowling. Their fictions are meditations on history as well as myth, and on the changing relationships between history and myth: I think this focus makes their work not only intricate and engaging, but important as well.”

The Symposium was presented by the Centre for Medieval Studies with support from the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association.


Dowling Interviewed in Aurealis
Terry is interviewed by long-time friend and colleague Van Ikin for the latest of The Ikin Interviews regular feature in Aurealis.

Terry and Van both became active in the Australian SF scene in the '70s and met up at Sydney University. They collaborated first on Van’s Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature and then on their 1993 anthology Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF. The full text of this interview will be posted shortly.


Schizm Sequel Planned
Terry is in the process of contracting with Polish game developers Detalion and Canada-based Dreamcatcher Interactive to produce a sequel to Schizm: Mysterious Journey.

The author reports that the sequel will be a science fiction, planetary adventure like its predecessor, but the new game will be set on a totally different world and will feature different characters to the previous game.

A representative review of Schizm from leading adventure games site Just Adventure.


"The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap" Optioned
Dowling’s 1993 ghost story “The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap” has been optioned for development into a short film by Queensland filmmaker David Groth.

The story was originally published in Terror Australis and has been reprinted in Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Seventh Annual Collection and The Oxford Book of Australian Ghost Stories as well as Dowling's collection Intimate Knowledge of the Night.


"The Lagan Fishers" in Best SF 7
Terry’s SciFiction story "The Lagan Fishers" has been selected for this year’s Best SF 7, edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer.

Schizm Wins in France
The DVD version of the computer adventure Schizm: Mysterious Journey, Dowling’s collaborative venture with Poland’s Detalion development team, won the Grand Prix for best computer game at France's Utopiales 2001.

Schizm beat big-budget titles including UbiSoft’s Myst III, Cryo's Dune and Microsoft's MechCommander II to take out the prize. “This is especially gratifying,” Dowling says, “because the CD version of the game had to lose 40% of the available narrative for disk compression reasons. Some of the now-blank mission logs were essential for presenting the story.” The game was also awarded Adrenaline Vault’s coveted "Seal of Excellence".

The fourth staging of the Utopiales International SF Convention took place in Jules Verne's birth city of Nantes from 30-October to 04-November 2001 and featured authors Brian Aldiss, Christopher Priest, Mike Resnick and Octavia Butler.


Peter McNamara Introduces Rynosseros
Respected Australian publisher and editor Peter McNamara has written a special introduction for the forthcoming MirrorDanse edition of the first volume in Dowling’s Tom Rynosseros series.

While available in the US and online in the SF Book Club hardcover, Rynosseros hasn’t been available locally for some time. As publisher of the original 1990 Aphelion edition of the book, Peter’s remarks give valuable insight into the book twelve years on. The new edition will also feature the author's preferred text.

Order from:

NSW Writers’ Centre Workshop
Terry will present another Science Fiction & Fantasy workshop at the NSW Writers’ Centre on Saturday 12 October 2002.

"Building Worlds and Creating Futures" will concentrate on "basic themes, useful techniques and the field's special requirements" and will focus on using the imagination effectively, strategies for creating plot and character, what you need and what to avoid. Participants are asked to bring a sample piece of their writing to the session, which will cost between $50 (for writers' centre concessional members) and $90.

Enquiries should be directed to:
    NSW Writers’ Centre
    PO Box 1056
    Rozelle   NSW   2039 Phone: 02-9555 9757 Email: nswwc@ozemail.com.au


Dowling Begins Doctorate
Earlier this year, Terry won a three-year scholarship to complete his doctorate in creative writing at the University of Western Australia.

Schizm Different on CD
Terry has issued a public announcement regarding Schizm: Mysterious Journey, the Polish-developed Fantasy adventure game he scripted.


I’m very proud to have worked on Schizm: Mysterious Journey, the computer game developed by Detalion and LK Avalon in Poland, published by Project 3 Interactive in Holland and now available from various distributors worldwide.

It’s my title and storyline, my screenplay, dialogue and characters. The respected US-based webzine JustAdventure + gave the DVD version of the game an A rating (see www.justadventure.com). Bert Jamin at Gamesover.com also gave it a highly positive review, as well as publishing the game’s first walkthrough (see www.gamesover.com).

That’s the DVD version – the game’s intended form. The developers and publisher anticipated a wider DVD market than presently exists internationally, so a CD ROM version of the game was also released. This has received pretty negative reviews – and for good reasons.

Apart from a marked drop in the quality of the superb graphics and the omission of certain puzzles and transitions, the logistics of compressing the DVD onto five disks for the CD ROM version meant that most of the story has been gutted.

It was already a ‘lean’ narrative, the intention being to tease gamers just enough to encourage them to explore the planet Argilus for themselves and discover what has happened to the Earth scientists and the local population. From the viewpoint of story, everything was carefully judged to fit the wonderful material and give clues at a particular pacing. Considerable background was provided by the mission logs left by the missing scientists; other important information was provided by the ghosts of the scientists and the native Argilans breaking through to present vital clues.

Most of the mission logs are now inactive (and one of the few that remains has the poorest actor in the ensemble presenting the script). The main ghosts no longer deliver their narrative clues. The dialogue has been re-sequenced out of order. The wonderful bird, insect and marine life which the talented Detalion team created for Argilus no longer exists. You do not see the living ship come alive with its fascinating gas exchange and the energising of its magnificent sails. The wonderful balloons of the Kitris Balloon Field are static except during transitions and a few key scenes.

I cannot easily convey how disappointed I am. I can only urge interested gamers to go to Bert Jamin’s site for his review and walkthrough, and to visit Just Adventure + for Randy Sluganski’s review of the DVD which, by comparison, I am delighted with.

Meanwhile, I’d like to present the omitted dialogue here [rtf format file]. We do whatever we can to remain on the side of the angels.


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