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KSP Award 2001
The Katherine Susannah Pritchard Science Fiction and Fantasy Award for 2001 was presented on Sunday August 12 at the writers' centre in Greenmount, WA.

The complete list of winners is as follows:

Open Section:
  • First Prize $200:
    "Stealing Alice" by Claire McKenna, Victoria
  • Equal Second $50:
    "Where Warriors Wait" by M. Nikolai Chrulew, Western Australia
    "Culling Colonists" by Patricia O'Neill, Western Australia
  • Highly Commended:
    "By the Sweat of Your Brow" by Dave Luckett, Western Australia
    "Unnatural Selection" by Helen Venn, Western Australia
    "Jasper Kroombit's Twilight" by Cat Sparks, New South Wales
    "Mutiny In Heaven" by Claire McKenna, Victoria
  • Commended:
    "Skinned Knees" by Robyn Hukin, Western Australia
    "Stop When the Lights Turn Green" by Tony Horne, Western Australia
    "Shift" by Fiona Skepper, Victoria
    "The Futurefone" by Peter Frankis, ACT
    "Reflected Decisions" by Helen Armstrong, New South Wales
    "Rapport" by Peter Frankis, ACT

Young Writers Section:
  • First Prize $100:
    "Generation Forever" by Felicity Bloomfield, ACT
  • Highly Commended:
    "The Dead Beat" by Felicity Bloomfield, ACT

Western Australian MLA Jaye Radisich presented the prizes, and local winners read from their entries. The competition was judged by WA author Stephen Dedman.


Dedman Runs KSP Workshop
Stephen will conduct a workshop on "the how and why of fantasy and science fiction" at the Katherine Susannah Pritchard Writers' Centre, 11 Old York Road, Greenmount WA on Thursday, June 28 2001 from 4:30pm. Cost is $5 and bookings can be made on (08) 9294 1872.

Vodka and email
Stephen reports that he has received, somewhat unexpectedly, the advance for the Russian language rights to first novel The Art of Arrow Cutting, although no publication date for the translation has been announced. You can now contact Stephen through the email button, above.

Dedman's Consensual Erotica
Stephen and fellow editors Elaine Kemp and Cathy Cupitt have launched Consensual, an anthology of short erotica with strong sf overtones, at the 2001 National SF Convention (see also 1 and 2.)

Acclaim for "The Devotee"
In addition to its scheduled Year's Best reprinting, Stephen's near-future detective thriller "The Devotee" has won him a Ditmar Award for Best Short Fiction (which it shared with Terry Dowling's "The Saltimbanques"), and has picked up the Western Australian genre award for Best Written Work (Professional) as well.

Recent Publications and Sales
Stephen's recent success continues with more news of original sales and reprints.

Frequency have bought rights to republish "Honest Ghosts" and "Bestseller" as audio recordings, "Ravens" has now appeared in Interzone 164, and "From Whom All Blessings Blow" has been reprinted as "Od Ktorej plyna wszystkie blogoslawienstwa" in Nowa Fantasyka Numer 2. As well, "What You Wish For" has appeared at Gothic.net, and the audio version of "Christmas at the Chushingura Cafe" is in Frequency Volume 2, now available.


Another Bibliographic Update
Stephen's bibliography has been updated to include "Expert Witnesses" (sold to the Collins and Costain edited Thrillogies) and "What You Wish For" (sold to gothic.net), as well as a link to his AA-nominated "A Sentiment Open to Doubt" (Ticoderoga Online).

Australians in the 2000 Year's Bests
Three Australian short stories published in 2000 will be reprinted in the big US-based international Year's Best anthologies. The 14th Edition of Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling's The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror will reprint Jack Dann's "Marilyn" (Eidolon #29/30) and Terry Dowling's "Basic Black" (Blackwater Days), and David Hartwell has picked up Stephen Dedman's "The Devotee" (Eidolon #29/30) for Year's Best Science Fiction #6.

ConSensual Calls For Submissions
This "Collection of Meaty Erotic Stories" (a term coined inadvertently by Perth genre radio personality and historian Grant Stone) is a semi-professional publishing collaboration between author Stephen Dedman, his partner Elaine Kemp and editor Cathy Cupitt, and will be published in "fanzine form" in April 2001.

According to their PR, "ConSensual is intended to be a collection of sexually explicit fiction—erotica, porn, smut, clit lit, stroke, call it what you will—written by Australian sf writers and fans"; although the stories will be published without bylines, contributors' names will be printed on the back cover.

As well as new fiction (including Slash), the editors will consider reprint material and novel excerpts to 5,000 words—although they prefer pieces to be as short as possible. Submissions will be assessed on literary merit, erotic content, sf/fantasy content, and humour, but "non-consensual sex, violence, minors, degradation, defamation [and] gerbils" will not be welcome.

Disposable manuscripts should be sent to PO Box 276 BAYSWATER Western Australia 6933 before February 14, 2001, and should be accompanied by an SASE. Payment for stories consists of two copies of the publication, and proceeds will go to WASFF and the Immunodeficiency Foundation.


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