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Simon Brown Sells New Fantasy to HarperCollins
Simon Brown has sold new adult fantasy novel Inheritance, the first volume in his Keys of Power trilogy, to Stephanie Smith at HarperCollins Australia for a late 2000 publication.

1999 Aurealis Awards Shortlists Announced
Chimera Publications have announced the shortlists for the 1999 Aurealis Awards. Winners will be announced in March in a ceremony to be held at The South Australian Writers' Centre.

The convenors of the 1999 Aurealis Awards have announced the works published during 1999 which have been shortlisted. Winners will be announced on 6 March 2000 in a ceremony to be held at The South Australian Writers' Centre as part of South Australian Writers' Week.

Division A: Science Fiction
[Judges: Van Ikin, Justine Larbalestier, Helen Merrick, Peter Nicholls]

Best Novel
Barnes, Rory & Damien Broderick - The Book of Revelation (HarperCollins Australia)
Blum, Jonathan & Kate Orman - Doctor Who: Unnatural History (BBC Books)
Egan, Greg - Teranesia (Gollancz, HarperPrism)
Masterton, Andrew - The Letter Girl (Picador)
Rogers-Davidson, Sally - Spare Parts (Penguin)

Best Short Story
Dowling, Terry - "The View in Nancy's Window" (Interzone #146, August 1999)
Lawson, Chris - "Chinese Rooms" (Eidolon 28, September 1999)
Lawson, Chris - "Written in Blood" (Asimov's Science Fiction, #281, June 1999)
Orman, Kate - "The Bicycle Net" (Interzone #146, August 1999)
Sussex, Lucy - "The Queen of Erewhon" (F&SF #577, September 1999)

Division B: Fantasy
[Judges: Jenny Blackford, Marion Foster, Norman Talbot]

Best Novel
Douglass, Sara - Crusader (HarperCollins Australia)
Forsyth, Kate - The Cursed Towers (Random House Australia)
Luckett, Dave - A Dark Journey / A Dark Victory (Omnibus)
Marillier, Juliet - Daughter of the Forest (Pan Macmillan)
Routley, Jane - Aramaya (Avon)

Best Short Story
Browne, Adam - "Orlando's Third Trance" (HQ, December)
Canavan, Trudi - "Whispers of the Mist Children" (Aurealis #23)
Jacobson, Lisa - "The Language of Trees" (HQ, April)
Sussex, Lucy - "The Queen of Erewhon" (F&SF #577, September 1999)
Webb, Janeen - "Incident on Wolfe Street" (HQ, January 2000)

Division C: Horror
[Judges: Steven Paulsen, Sylvia Kelso, Peter Richter]

Best Novel
Harris, Christine - Foreign Devils (Random House Australia)
Kelleher, Victor - Into the Dark (Viking/Penguin)
Kelleher, Victor - The Ivory Trail (Viking/Penguin)
Scott-Bernard, P. - Deadly Sister Love (HarperCollins Australia)

Best Short Story
Baillie, Allan - "The Mouth" (SpinOuts, Longman)
Dedman, Stephen - "Honest Ghosts" (www.gothic.net, July)
Massin, Kain - "Escape From Stalingrad" (Harbinger #4)
Venugoban, Alison - "Funeral Rights" (Harbinger #3)
Williams, Sean & Simon Brown - "Atrax" (New Adventures in Sci-Fi, Ticonderoga)

Division D: Young Adult
[Judges: Dianne deBellis, Jonathan Strahan, Sean Williams]

Best Novel
Barnes, Rory - Horsehead Man (HarperCollins Australia)
Broderick, Damien & Rory Barnes - Stuck in Fast Forward (HarperCollins Australia)
Kelleher, Victor - Into the Dark (Viking/Penguin)
Kelleher, Victor - The Ivory Trail (Viking/Penguin)
Luckett, Dave - A Dark Victory (Omnibus)

Best Short Story
No Award

Convenors' Award

Base, Graeme - The Worst Band in the Universe (Viking / Penguin)
Blackford, Russell; Ikin, Van; and McMullen, Sean - Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction (Greenwood Press)
Douglass, Sara - The Betrayal of Arthur (Pan Macmillan)
Dowling, Terry - Antique Futures (mp books)


Ezine Publishes Print Anthology
Australian SF webzine Antipodean SF has released print anthology Antipodean 1. Edited by Ion Newcombe, the anthology features over fifty 500 word short stories originally published on the website, including work by Rob Bleckly, Simon Brown, Brendan Carson, Edwina Harvey, Geoff Maloney, Tony Plank, Rob Riel , Robert N. Stephenson and others. The anthology can be ordered direct from Antipodean SF.

New Spinouts
Paul Collins and Meredith Costain have sold a second series of Spinouts short anthologies to Pearson Education. The Spinouts "Bronze" series will be published in 2000, and includes Damien Broderick's "Serf", Simon Brown's "Leech Forest" and "The New Species", Marianne de Pierres' "Mig's Choosing", Robert Hood's "Max's Little Friend", Sophie Masson's "The Three Builders", Sean McMullen's "Heavy" and Catherine S. McMullen's "Mind Scones" amongst others. For more information see the author's website.

1999 Ditmar Nominations Announced
Spawncon 2, the 1999 Australian National Science Fiction Convention, has announced the nominations for the 1999 Ditmar Awards.

1999 Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards (Ditmars)


  • Pilgrim, Sara Douglass (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Feral, Kerry Greenwood (Hodder Headline Australia)

  • The Centurion's Empire, Sean McMullen (TOR)

  • The Tilecutter's Penny, Caiseal Mór (Random House Australia)

  • The Resurrected Man, Sean Williams (HarperCollins Australia)

  • No Award


  • "The Marsh Runners", Paul Brandon (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "The Evil Within", Sara Douglass (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "Dream Until God Burns", Andrew Enstice (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "The Truth About Weena", David J. Lake (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "Queen of Soulmates", Sean McMullen (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "To Avalon", Jane Routley (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • No Award


  • Altair, Robert N. Stephenson, ed. (Altair Publishing)

  • Aurealis: The Australian Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dirk Strasser & Stephen Higgins, eds. (Chimera Publications)

  • Dreaming Down-Under, Jack Dann & Janeen Webb, eds. (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Eidolon: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G. Byrne, eds. (Eidolon Publications)

  • Fantastic Worlds, Paul Collins, ed. (HarperCollins Australia)

  • The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, Paul Collins ed, (Melbourne University Press)

  • No Award


  • The Captain's Log, Rose Mitchell

  • Ethel the Aardvark, Ian Gunn

  • Interstellar Ramjet Scoop, Bill Wright

  • The Metaphysical Review, Bruce Gillespie

  • Out of the Kaje, Karen Johnson

  • Thyme, Alan Stewart

  • No Award


  • Ian Gunn

  • Robert Jan

  • Dick Jenssen

  • Marco Nero

  • Kerri Valkova

  • No Award


  • Emma Barber for the cover art to Cannibals of the Fine Light (Ticonderoga) and A View Before Dying (Ticonderoga)

  • Marc McBride for the cover art to Fantastic Worlds (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Marilyn Pride for AussieCon 3 Progress Reports

  • Nick Stathopoulos for the cover art to The Man Who Melted (HarperCollins Australia) and to Dreaming Down-Under (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Shaun Tan for The Rabbits, a picture book (Lothian)

  • No Award


  • Damien Broderick for reviews in The New York Review of Science Fiction

  • Paul Collins for The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, (Melbourne University Press)

  • Steven Paulsen for contributions to The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, (Melbourne University Press)

  • Jonathan Strahan for reviews in Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field

  • Janeen Webb & Andrew Enstice for Aliens & Savages (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Sean Williams & Simon Brown for "No Axis No Boundary" (Altair 1)

  • No Award

The Awards will be presented at the Other Awards Ceremony at AussieconThree.


Annual Recommended Reading Lists
Each year, Gardner Dozois, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling compile prestigious collections of the best science fiction, fantasy and horror short fiction. See how Australians have featured this year.


Each year St. Martin's Press publishes volumes of short fiction, containing respectively the year's best short science fiction selected by Gardner Dozois', and the year's best fantasy short fiction selected by Terri Windling and the year's best horror short fiction selected by Ellen Datlow. The books contain approximately 250,000 words of short fiction, detailed overviews of the year, and recommended reading lists.

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fifteenth Annual Collection edited by Gardner Dozois includes three stories by Australian writers: "Reasons to be Cheerful" (Interzone) and "Yeyuka" (Meanjin, Vol.55, No.1) by Greg Egan, and "The Masque of Agamemnon" (Eidolon SF:Online) by Sean Williams & Simon Brown. Dozois' recommended reading list includes:

Russell Blackford Lucent Carbon Eidolon 25/26
Simon Brown Love and Paris Eidolon 25/26
Jack Dann & Michael Swanwick Ships Lethal Kisses
Stephen Dedman The Dance that Everyone Must Do Tales of the Unanticipated #18
  Tour de Force Asimov's
Terry Dowling No Hearts to be Broken Interzone
  The Maiden Death Destination Unknown
Greg Egan Orphanogenesis Interzone
Peter Friend Seventeen Views of Mount Taranaki Aurealis 18
Alison Goodman Dead Spydyrs Eidolon 24
Rick Kennett The View From Stickney Crater Aurealis 18
Rosaleen Love Alexander's Feats Eidolon 25/26
Dirk Strasser The Dark Under the Skin Eidolon 25/26
Lucy Sussex Merlusine The Horns of Elfland
Janeen Webb &
Jack Dann
Niagara Falling Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures
Sean Williams Love and Mandarins Eidolon 25/26
  White Christmas Eidolon 12
Aboriginal SF

The Year's Best Fantasy: Eleventh Annual Collection edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling does not include any work by Australians, though it does feature a poem by American writer Christopher Jones, from Southerly. Windling gives a positive review of Stephen Dedman's The Art of Arrow Cutting (Tor) in her introduction. Datlow and Windling's recommended reading list includes:

Stephen Dedman Christmas at the Chushingura Cafe Space and Time 87
  The Dance that Everyone Must Do Tales of the Unanticipated #18
  Salvation Wetbones #2
Peter Friend Seventeen Views of Mount Taranaki Aurealis 18
C.S. Fuqua Undertaker II: Drowning Cyber-Psychos AOD 7
Rick Kennett &
Paul Collins
The Wilcroft Inheritance Gothic Ghosts
Michael Pryor Time to Burn Aurealis 18

Datlow notes in her introduction that Eidolon 25/26 was not considered for the 1997 volume, but will be considered next year. The Year's Best Fantasy: Twelfth Annual Collection will feature Terry Dowling's "Jenny Come to Play" and Rick Kennett's "Due South" from Eidolon 25/26.


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