Terry Becomes a Lord of the Instrumentality

Along with Pat Cadigan, James Patrick Kelly and four other writers and notables, Terry has been invited by the Estate of the late Paul Linebarger (aka Cordwainer Smith) to become a Lord of the Instrumentality of Mankind for 2003, the organisationís third year of operation.

Terry joins the likes of Robert Silverberg, Gardner Dozois, John Clute and Alan C. Elms and ten others already on the list of Lords and Ladies approved by Smithís daughters, Rosana Linebarger Hart and Marcia Linebarger. As of December 31, 2003 the incumbent members of the Instrumentality of Mankind, in order of seniority are:
  • Lady Celalta (Rosana Linebarger Hart)
  • Lady May (Marcia Linebarger)
  • Lord Stiamot (Robert Silverberg)
  • Lord Hu (Alan Elms)
  • Lord Vomact (Corby Waste)
  • Lord Dioscuri (James and Louis Woodhill)
  • Lord Te (Ralph Benko)
  • Lady ApresMoi (Karen Haber)
  • Lord Sabishi (Michael Dirda)
  • Lord Mujokan (Michael Benko)
  • Lord Redlady (Tony Lewis)
  • Lord Ralph Street (John Clute)
  • Lord Luvaduck (Scott Edelman)
  • Lord Jestocost (Gardner Dozois)
  • Lord Sto Odin (Michael Dobson)
  • Lord Issan Olascoaga (Pablo Capanna)
  • Lord Afervarro (Terry Dowling)
  • Lord Commander Suzdal (James Patrick Kelly)
  • Lady Ru (Suford Lewis)
  • Lady Panc Ashash (Pat Cadigan)
  • Lord Charles (Charles Tart)

(Sunday, April 25 @ 21:40:10 WST)

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