New Stories in Review

Reviews of "One Thing About the Night" from Tor's forthcoming The Dark and "Rynemonn" from Wakefield Press's forthcoming Forever Shores can be read online now at The Coode Street Review of Science Fiction.

The final three stories from Terry's fourth Tom Rynosseros collection, Rynemonn, will appear under the blanket title "Rynemonn" in Peter McNamara and Margaret Winch's anthology of Australian SF and Fantasy Forever Shores, due from Wakefield Press in late 2003. In this 25000 words of new Tom material, comprising the stories "Coyote Struck by Lightning", "Coming Down" and "Sewing Whole Cloth", Tom finally learns his true identity in this future Australia and, with the other Coloured Captains, finds himself facing a tribal fleet on Lake Air. "One Thing About the Night" is a horror story, and will appear in Ellen Datlow's original anthology The Dark, due from Tor in October 2003.

(Saturday, August 09 @ 12:23:59 WST)

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