Reprint Bonanza

With MirrorDanse Books recent reprints of Rynosseros and The Man Who Lost Red, the inclusion of "The Man Who Walks Away Behind the Eyes" in Peter McNamara's Wonder Years and "The Maze Man"'s selection for Barry Oakley's forthcoming mainstream anthology, keen Dowling readers are spoiled for choice.

The multiple award-winning Rynosseros was previously reprinted in hardcover by the Science Fiction Book Club in 1993; the MirrorDanse edition features the original cover by Nick Stathopoulos. The Man Who Lost Red collects two of Terry's most acclaimed stories, the Ditmar-winning "The Man Who Lost Red" and the classic horror tale "Scaring the Train". Both can be ordered from MirrorDanse Books.

Oakley's forthcoming anthology of Australian short stories, which will reprint Dowling's 1984 urban horror story "The Maze Man", is due out from Five Mile Press in early 2004. "The Man Who Walks Away Behind the Eyes" was Terry's first professional sale, to Omega Science Digest in 1982.

(Saturday, August 09 @ 11:30:32 WST)

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