Update 2002

Since the last major update of his bibliography, Stephen has seen half a dozen short stories published and has sold another three.

Recent publications include "Shameless", in Guilty Pleasures, "The Ghoul Goes West" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #1, "A Single Shadow" in Hayakawa S-F Magazine Issue 519 and "Never Seen by Waking Eyes" in Hayakawa S-F Magazine Issue 539—the latter translation was nominated in the Japanese Seiun Awards for 2002—"Waste Land" in Agog! Fantastic Fiction and "The Ice Giants" in Spinouts Bronze.

During the same period Stephen sold "Twilight of Idols" to Conquer Fantastic and "'Til Human Voices Wake Us" to Queer Fear 2, and is awaiting news from Tor in the US about his new novels Unequal Laws and Savage Gods. Stephen also sold Czech translation rights for "The Devotee" to Ikarie and saw "The Pretender" printed in Italian translation as "Il Pretendente" in Miti e leggende di Re Artu, ei Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda e del Santo Graal. Finally, "Down to the Tethys Sea" will now be published in Absolute Magnitude, not the late Aboriginal Science Fiction.

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