First of Retitled "Orphan" Trilogy Delivered

US publisher Ace Books has accepted the first novel of a new Sean Williams/Shane Dix series for publication. The collaboration was originally referred to as the Orphan trilogy, but the book titles themselves are proving a small problem.

The first book had been entitled Crown of Thorns, and was subsequently retitled Echoes of Earth. The second and third books of the series were originally Orphans of Earth and Nature of Gravity, but the third then became Heirs of Earth. On 22-February Williams announced that the names would change again, and that the proposed new titles were Sculptures in the Sky, Planets in their Stations and The Sentinel Stars, but even this may not be the final version.

Originally due in March 2002, the first book's publication has been brought forward to January 2002.

(Thursday, March 01 @ 15:36:31 WST)

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