Williams Continues Headline-hogging Excesses

Fresh from his appearance at the National Young Writers’ Festival, Sean Williams has announced that as of 1-October-2000 he had no less than nine new books in the pipeline.

The nine books in question are:
  • Evergence: A Dark Imbalance US (called Evergence 3: The Dark Imbalance in its HarperCollins Australia edition) is due from Ace in March 2001.
  • The new series co-written with Shane Dix has yet to be scheduled, but Ace has committed to three titles: Crown of Thorns, Orphans of Earth and Nature of Gravity. Details for other territories will be announced when they are available.
  • Sean's solo fantasy series, supported by the Australia Council Literature Fund, is also yet to be scheduled, but again three titles are expected: The Stone Mage & the Sea, The Sky Warden & the Sun and The Weavers in the Web. HarperCollins Australia will be publishing them locally, first in trade paperback and then in mass-market paperback. Publication in the UK and US is still being negotiated.
  • FPR Books in the UK (which reissued Metal Fatigue in a stunning hardcover in 1999) has bought two full-length collections of short stories, tentatively titled Ghosts of the Fall and A View Before Dying.
Sean has completed writing on the first book of each new series, leaving four books to write over the coming couple of years. He also intends to spend that time researching his next solo SF novel, Widow of Opportunity, also supported by the Australia Council.

Further, Sean has a number of planned republications in the works, including a number of other titles from FPR Books—the Evergence series and The Resurrected Man in hardcover—foreign language editions of the Evergence series in Russia and the Czech Republic, and a translation of Metal Fatigue into Polish.

(Monday, October 09 @ 19:19:07 WST)

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