Williams Still a Spring Chicken

Sean Williams will be appearing as a guest and speaking at the third annual National Young Writers' Festival, being held this year in Newcastle NSW, from October 5th to 9th.

The 2000 Festival, running under the banner "This is Not Art", incorporates the National Student Media Conference and features "over 100 panels, workshops, performances and readings".

Sean's festival programme is as follows:
  • Friday 5.00 "Staying Published"
  • Sunday 2.00 "Doin' It For the Kids"
  • Sunday 5.00 "Data Driving - Science Fiction & Info Overload"
According to organisers "The festival is about seeing how many people we can stuff into the category of 'Writer'ólike clowns in a mini." Other festival guests include Kirsty Brooks, Andres Vaccari and John Birmingham.

(Thursday, October 05 @ 11:54:18 WST)

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