2003 Promises Plenty From Jack

Jack has sold new collection Visitations to Thorndike Books in the US, Gathering the Bones is due next month from HarperCollins and Crimes of the Century and AI (ed. Jack Dann, Gardner Dozois) are now scheduled to join recently published Beyond Flesh (Ace, December 2002) as the 26th and 27th of the MagicTales books. Not to mention the short fiction...

Visitations' Table of Contents will look something like this:

"Burning Spear: The Work of Jack Dann" (Introduction by Barry N. Malzberg)
"The Glass Casket"
"Night Visions"
"A Cold Day in the Mesozoic"
"Blind Eye"
"Between the Windows of the Sea"
"The Dybbuk Dolls"
"Counting Coup"
"I'm With You in Rockland"

The international horror and dark fantasy anthology Gathering the Bones, edited by Jack, Ramsey Campbell and Dennis Etchison, will be republished in a US edition by Tor in August, 2003. There will also be a British edition.

Original short stories "Summer", which will appear in Men Writing SF As Women (ed. Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg, DAW Books), and "Good Deeds", to be published in Conqueror Fantastic (ed. Pamela Sargent, DAW Books, 2003), will join a host of reprints in 2003.

(Saturday, January 11 @ 10:31:23 WST)

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