What's Next?

Second Chance is the working title of Jack's James Dean novel, his next book-length project, intended for HarperCollins.

The book is related to Jack's recently published story "Ting-a-Ling", although Second Chance is intended to run longer than The Memory Cathedral's 200,000 words, and is Jack's "attempt at writing the great American novel."

Jack says of the book: "It's about the life of James Dean after his accident, and I'm working with iconic personages such as Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kerouac, Robert F Kennedy, John F Kennedy, William Burroughs, Elvis Presley and, of course, James Dean. It's alternate history but for me it's an exploration of our culture."

Even further into the future, Jack reports he's contemplating a novel version of "The Diamond Pit."

(Friday, July 26 @ 20:19:35 WST)

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