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The phone rings. It's Jonathan. We say our hellos, catch up a little. Then Jonathan says: "We're beefing up the Eidolon: SF Online site."
"Oh, great. I like what you and Jeremy have done with it so far."
"We're going to add some review columns."
"Wonderful!" As a writer, I love reading review columns. Especially if I'm in them.
"One of the columns will deal only with short fiction."
"How short?"
"Not novels."
"Well, that cuts it down."
"And only pieces by Australian authors, but no matter where they're published."
"Oh, okay. Sounds good. But what poor sucker are you getting in to do the reviews?"
Long pause.
"Umm, Jonathan."
"Yes, Simon?"
"You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?"
"Probably. Will you do it?"
Long pause.
"And you only have to review the stories you want to review."
Another long pause.
"We'll pay you heaps."
"Sure. Love to do it."

And so, here it is. The first instalment of Eidolon: SF Online's new short fiction review column. By me. Ta-da.

Rules of the game

  1. Thou shalt not review thine own stories. (Curses!)
  2. Thou shalt review only those stories you are so inclined to review.
  3. Thou shalt choose among those stories you review howsoever many you believe demonstrate such excellence or some other virtue that they deserve to be listed at the end of the column as Essential Reading.
  4. Thou shalt be paid heaps ... at the discretion of the editors.
  5. Thou shalt take no bribes. (Curses!)

And so we begin . . .

Ten stories this time around, since I'm backtracking to cover the four issues of Australia's three semi-prozines published so far this year: Eidolon 27, Aurealis 20/21 ("Vend-A-Nation") and two issues from the baby on the block, Altair 1 and 2.

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