a Young Adult Novel by Margo Lanagan

Allen & Unwin (St Leonards, NSW), October 2003
Paperback (324pp)
isbn 1-8644-8683-X

A race of ancestors. the Anwi, cut off from their origins in the southern volcanic lands... Naio, lord of a great house, cast out because of the seed of Affliction that spins deep in his brain... Costa, last soldier of her battalion, starving beside a pool in the desert...

The great war engines created by the Anwi are beginning to fail, and the southern world's defences are finally breached. Does Naio have the power to bring back the Anwi and close the breach?
Mannikiner ranges from the trench cities of the northern battlefields to the bucking volcanic landscapes of the southern mountains, from the intricate arts of mannikin-making to the giant harvesters on the broad white lakes of the Salt. It is fantasy on a grand scale, for those who like strong, original characters and fully imagined alternative worlds.

Cradle of the Anwi

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