a Collection by Robin Pen

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), January 1996
Paperback (162pp, 215x135mm) $10.95
isbn 0-6462-7799-5

With an Introduction by Greg Egan Eidolon Publications is proud to announce the publication of The Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters, a major collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror film commentary and criticism from one of Australia's most eclectic voices. In this unique series of essays spanning five years of genre film, Robin Pen's witty, informative critical approach cuts a memorable and entertaining swath through the cinematic wasteland.

The sets are up, the backgrounds dry. Tokyo is aglow, paying wordless homage to Dante. Black smoke billows into a dark sky. Shimmering in the heat haze are dozens of silver, three-headed hydra, screeching and taunting, daring their foes as they continue to char what is left of the city. Our heroes stand firm. There stands the turtle-colossus of Gamera (Friend of Children), just landed from his jet-propelled spin. Down at the feet of this Chelonian mega-hero are four small look-alikes in shadow, striking Frank Miller poses, saying cool things like "Totally awesome, dudes". Next to them is Godzilla, who weighs the situation with aggressive calculation. He looks down to his ankle and his last remaining side-kick. Schwarzenegger grips his well-used minigun, ready for action, the sweat running down his oiled muscles. He relaxes his grimace, allowing a hint of a smile as he chews on his stale cigar. He looks up to Godzilla. "So, vot do you tink?" he asks. Godzilla responds with his famous cry. Turtle-smiles blossom in response to Arny's words. "You said it, big buddy--let's kick ass. Cowabunga!"

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The Secret Life of Rubber-suit Monsters cover art by Katie Hocking
Cover by Katie Hocking

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