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The Man Who Lost Red

Two powerful tales by one of our most exciting and acclaimed writers of the fantastic.

"The Man Who Lost Red": Most criminals punished by the seven masked aliens who rule the Earth must accept their fate and get on with their lives. Yet Eric Andlan needs more. What was his crime? Who or what are the iquiri overlords? Most importantly, why are they here? Andlan desperately needs to know. Available again at last, this 1987 Ditmar Award-winning tale is First Contact with a difference!

"Scaring the Train": Just a harmless holiday prank. What could go wrong? But while they are frightening train drivers, two boys are plunged into the heart of absolute nightmare.


  • "The Man Who Lost Red"
  • "Scaring the Train"

    MirrorDanse Books (AUS): ISBN 0646 21491 8, soft cover, 112 pages, 1995. Cover and internal illustrations by Shaun Tan.

    ""Australian small press MirrorDanse has issued a 500-copy limited edition of a new two-work 'collection' by Terry Dowling, titled after the longer work...Those are the basic facts - but they can't convey the excellence of the writing presented here.""

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