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Blue Tyson
The second book of the adventures of Tom Rynosseros

The Blue Captain . . .

The Blue Captain... Of the seven Nationals who have won Colours and fine sand-ships fromt he tribes, earning for themselves the right to cross the eerie and exotic Australia of the future, Tom Rynosseros is the most mysterious.

He is the one from the Madhouse, the Captain whose adventures among the powerful tribes of the interior reveal a hidden, a destiny waiting out in the red deserts which affects not only Nation but the Dreamtime itself.


  • Introduction: Jack Vance
  • "Breaking Through to the Heroes"
  • "Going to the Angels"
  • "Vanities"
  • "A Dragon Between His Fingers"
  • "Djinn of Anjoulis"
  • "A Song to Keep Them Dancing"
  • "Stoneman"
  • "Privateer's Moon"
  • "Dreaming the Knife"
  • "Totem"

    Aphelion Publications (AUS): ISBN 1-875346-05-8, soft cover, 238 pages, 1992. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos.

    "the only contemporary writer who comes close to that wondrous talespinner Cordwainer Smith"
    "Blue Tyson is a sequel to Rynosseros...and surpasses it in power."


    "a unique, sophisticated Australian science fiction cosmology."
    Sunday Times
    "The pleasure of reading Dowling lies in his evocation of a mood or a moment. He tests emotional responses in the delicate way a musician might tune an instrument."

  • C O N T A C T  U S C R E D I T S