Book Publisher and Professional Editorial Team

Eidolon Publications first ventured into non-magazine publishing in 1992, with the release of Terry Dowling's short story "The Mars You Have in Me" in chapbook form as a Christmas Gift for subscribers (with a few for sale through various retail outlets).

It has long been a goal of Eidolon Publications to develop a book-line of our own, and the publication in April 1996 of Robin Pen's Collected Essays The Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters realised that ambition.

The second Eidolon Book will be published in January of 1997, to commemorate the first visit of US Author Howard Waldrop to Australia. Going Home Again collects all of Waldrop's short fiction published since 1991, and represents a significant coup for the new publishing venture.

The Eidolon editorial team has recently moved into the professional sphere, signing a contract with publisher HarperCollins to select and edit The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology Series. The first volume in the series will be released in 1997.

Other projects under consideration involve authors Terry Dowling, Storm Constantine and Jack Dann, and Eidolon Books should move into a bi-annual production schedule within twelve to eighteen months.

The Mars You Have in Me
Terry Dowling
Cover by Nick Stathopoulos, Illustrated by Stephen Stanley
Eidolon Publications, Jan 1992, chapbook, 12pp, $2.50, Limited Edition of 200, Signed & Numbered

The Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters
Robin Pen
Introduction by Greg Egan, Cover Design by Kate Hocking
Eidolon Publications, Jan 1996, tpb, 162pp, $13.95, ISBN 0 646 27799 5

Going Home Again
Howard Waldrop
Eidolon Publications, Jan 1997

The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy
Edited by Jonathan Strahan and Jeremy G Byrne
HarperCollins Australia, 1997, ISBN 0 732 25751 4