Bibliographic and biographical detail on Australian genre writers

Simon Brown
Jack Dann
Stephen Dedman
Author of
Privateer and Winter
Author of The Man Who Melted,
The Memory Cathedral and
The Silent
Author of The Art of Arrowcutting,
Lady of Situations and
Foreign Bodies

Sara Douglass
Terry Dowling
Greg Egan
Author of The Axis Trilogy,
The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy,
The Nameless Day
Author of Rynosseros, Wormwood,
An Intimate Knowledge of the Night, Antique Futures, and the forthcoming Blackwater Days.
Author of Quarantine, Permutation City,
Axiomatic and Distress

Sean McMullen
Garth Nix
Steven Paulsen
Author of Call to the Edge,
The Centurion's Empire and Souls in the Great Machine
Author of Sabriel and
Shade's Children
Author of The Stray Cat
and Journalist Extraordinaire

Sean Williams
Author of The Prodigal Sun
The Resurrected Man