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MirrorDanse Books is a new Australian publishing venture devoted to limited edition works of science fiction and dark fantasy. Our aim is to prove genre fiction doesn't have to be the same, poorly written cliches that we are all familiar with - commercial, plot-driven fiction doesn't have to be badly written. We will provide deserving writers with their first book publication, and provide an outlet for special projects at novella length from established authors.

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Leanne Frahm

A collection of imaginative tales by one of Australia's leading writers of the fantastic, featuring the never-before-published novella Borderline.

John Humphries must rebuild his resort on the last unpolluted beach on Earth every year; delicatessan owner Mr Olivetto finds the ultimate food in his basement; humanity investigates the hermaphrodite inhabitants of Lamadium for the first time; a thing from another dimension appears on old-timer Jack's doorstep; Saph and Reg wait impatiently for the tide to turn — from these simple beginnings Leanne Frahm takes the reader on five thought-provoking and entertaining journeys into the strange realms of her imagination.

Featuring an original interview conducted by Lucy Sussex, author of My Lady Tongue and Other Stories.

128 pages, ISBN 0 9586583 0 7 , May 1996, limited to 500 numbered copies. Artwork by Gavin O'Keefe, includes a bibliography of the author's published books and short stories. $11.95

Year's Best Australian Horror 1995
Bill Congreve and Robert Hood (eds.)

Are we mad? Brave? Do we have more money than commonsense? (Which would imply very little of either!) Well, we do like good horror stories and 1995 was the third boom year in a row for Australian horror, with no sign that the pace will flag. We've come a long way since the days of bush-legend ghost stories. With Bonescribes you'll find ghosts, zombies (because we like zombies!) and several stories of sexual horror (because 1995 was a good year for that too). You'll find the traditional, the street-smart, the quirky, the amusing and the downright horrible. You'll find the very best horror stories published by Australians in 1995.

148 pages, ISBN 0958658358, April 1996. Introduction by Bill Congreve and Robert Hood, artwork by Shaun Tan, includes an essay on Australian horror by Bill Congreve, Sean McMullen and Steven Paulsen. $12.95

Our Lady of Chernobyl
Greg Egan

Multi-Ditmar winner Greg Egan seamlessly blends the cutting edge of new technology with the nature of human experience. Here are four stories never before published in book form.

"Chaff": Bioweapons researcher Guillermo Largo has stolen his own creation and vanished into the South American rainforest. The agent sent to retrieve him has no idea how deeply Largo's weapon can cut.

"Beyond the Whistle Test": Applied Neural Mapping are an advertising agency's dream come true; their creations are jingles an audience literally can't forget.

"Transition Dreams": One day soon, when our memories and personality can be read from our skulls and recreated in electronic brains, we will experience transition dreams at the boundary of flesh and immortality.

"Our Lady of Chernobyl": In 2013, a courier transporting an icon from Zurich to Milan has been found dead in Vienna. A private detective follows the trail from a Swiss collector's vaults to the black market and beyond, across a continent torn between history and progress, reason and superstition, the past and the future.

112 pages, ISBN 0 646 23230 4, June 1995, limited to 500 numbered copies. Artwork by Shaun Tan, includes a bibliography of the author's published books and short stories. Four previously uncollected stories first published in Interzone and Analog. $9.95

The Man Who Lost Red
Terry Dowling

Two powerful tales by one of our most exciting and acclaimed writers of the fantastic.

"The Man Who Lost Red": Most criminals punished by the seven masked aliens who rule the Earth must accept their fate and get on with their lives. Yet Eric Andlan needs more. What was his crime? Who or what are the iquiri overlords? Most importantly, why are they here? Andlan desperately needs to know. Available again at last, this 1987 Ditmar Award-winning tale is First Contact with a difference!

"Scaring the Train": Just a harmless holiday prank. What could go wrong? But while they are frightening train drivers, two boys are plunged into the heart of absolute nightmare.

112 pages, ISBN 0646 21491 8, January 1995, limited to 500 numbered copies. Introduction by Nick Stathopoulos, artwork by Shaun Tan, includes a bibliography of the author's published book and short stories. $9.95

Doorway to Eternity
Sean Williams

Three never-before-published novellettes by Australia's rising SF writer.

"New Flames for an Old Love": Marcus de Barrow wants to save the world, while his ex-lover becomes more and more terrified.

"Reluctant Misty and the House on Burden Street": Beth can't stop herself from visiting an old Adelaide house only she can see.

"Doorway to Eternity": Amanda Carmichael's daughter wreaks havoc on the interior of their house, night after night, until Amanda has no choice but to call for help.

"Williams' work has an old-fashioned flavour of storytelling that appeals to every reader."

100 pages, ISBN 0 646 19084 9, July 1994 limited to 400 numbered copies. Introduction by Bill Congreve, artwork by Antoinette Rydr and Steve Carter, includes a bibliography of the author's published short fiction. The first 50 copies, signed by all the contributors, retail for $11.95. Other copies for $8.95

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