The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy
Eidolon Vol. 2, No. 2 (Whole No. 6), published in October 1991 (as the Spring 1991 Edition) by Eidolon Publications © 1991.
Editorial But What Do I Do With It? 4
Eric S Rabkin's Undecidability and Oxymoronism 14
Sean McMullen's Going Commercial and Becoming Professional 54
Robin Pen's Critical Embuggerance: Aparatus Arcanus 99
Fresh Ink Reviews of Recent Publications 121
Letters Readers' Feedback and Forum 125

Geoffrey Maloney's "Green On Red" 7
Simon Brown's "Cannibals of the Fine Light" 31
Rosaleen Love's "Blue Venom" 43
Terry Dowling's "Roadsong" 64
Nick Stathopoulos' "Linear Perspective" 109

Cover Logo & Graphics: Keira McKenzie & Others
Internal Illustrations: Jeremy Reston, Liesl Yvette, Gavin O'Keefe, Nick Stathopoulos
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