Now Is The Time (Again)

Issue Five. For us, the beginning of an exciting new year of Australian science fiction and comment. For you, our original subscribers, the last issue of your subscription. Now you have to decide whether we're good enough for another twenty bucks. We think so. Issue 6 will feature fiction by Simon Brown, Terry Dowling, Rosaleen Love, Geoffrey Maloney and Nick Stathopoulos. There'll be articles and comment from Sean McMullen, Robin Pen and US critic Eric Rabkin. And remember, the best and cheapest way to get Eidolon reliably is by subscribing direct. Tempted?

Recommended Reading - 1990

Brooks, David"Letter From Tandelo"
Dowling, Terry"Spinners"
Dowling, Terry"The Robot Is Running Away From The Trees"
Egan, Greg"The Caress"
Egan, Greg"Learning To Be Me"
Frahm, Leanne"Reichelman's Relics"
Higgins, Stephen"Vignette"
Kewley, Jodie"The Tree"
Love, Rosaleen"The Total Devotion Machine"
McMullen, Sean"While The Gate Is Open"
Sussex, Lucy"The Man Hanged Upside Down"
Wodhams, Jack"The Token Pole"

Pick of the Bunch

Terry Dowling Rynosseros, (Aphelion Publications)

Gerg Egan "Learning To Be Me", (The Years Best SF: Eighth Annual Collection, Ed. G. Dozois)

Once again we've decided to lay our opinions on the line; to tell you what we think is best in Australian science fiction. Listed above is a Recommended Reading List for Australian sf published during 1990. This is the minimum you should read, if you want to have read the best.

You may notice that we've apparently made a nostalgic decision to revert to the paper-stock used in our first three issues. Well, there's a good reason. While we received some warmly supportive remarks about the new paper-stock in Issue 4, we also had some negative feedback from readers who felt the paper was too glossy, making text harder to read. After consideration, we agree, and have changed back. You may also notice this is the July (not the June) issue, and that we've skipped straight from Summer to Winter 1991. Well, we made an error with Issue One of Eidolon (publishing it as "Autumn", when it was compiled, instead of "Winter" when it was published) and thus the whole of Volume One was "out of kilter" with the seasons. To fix the problem and (more pragmatically) to push Issue Five into the 1991-92 Financial Year, we delayed it by a month. We apologise if anyone's been inconvenienced (or alarmed) by this move.

We love our contributors, but sometimes they're too generous. Now, we realise we used to ask for an SASE, but those paying close attention to the Information for Contributors page would have noticed that we've stopped, and that we only want disposable manuscripts. Basically, SASEs (and loose stamps, returnable manuscripts and computer disks we haven't asked for) are an administrative nightmare. It's much simpler for us to use our standard pre-paid envelopes for all correspondence. So, thanks to all of you who've sent stamps, disks and the like, but we reckon every contribution is worth at least eighty six cents (for an acknowledgement note and a full reply), and we'll ask you for a disk if we need one.

Quick Notes: this Issue features our irregular Letters Column. As always, published letters have been edited for brevity and relevance, although every care has been taken to preserve the intent of the writer. Back issues: Issues 1, 2, and 4 are now out of print and there are no plans to reprint them. If you'd like a copy of Issue 3, please contact us ASAP. For subscribers, your mailing label will have a series of numbers in the top right-hand corner. If this issue matches the last of those numbers, then this is your final issue. Please resubscribe!

Finally, in keeping with our commitment to continue the development and refinement of Eidolon, we've made a few changes to the presentation of artwork in this issue. With the support of some of Australia's best genre artists, we intend to present exciting new projects in forthcoming issues. Something to look forward to.

Originally appeared in Eidolon 5, July 1991.
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