Jack Dann is currently a "Mentor" (Virtual Writer in Residence), along with poet John Kinselas, at the The Ngpartji Virtual Writers' Project in association with the Adelaide Writers' Centre. Jack's commentary on the best short fiction submitted to the site can be read online.

Jack Dann won the 1996 Nebula Award for Best Novella for "Da Vinci Rising" (Asimov's, May 1995), an excerpt from his Aurealis Award-winning novel The Memory Cathedral. The Award, which was presented in Kansas City last month was accepted on Jack's behalf by Gardner Dozois, is surprisingly only Jack's first Nebula win. You can read "Da Vinci Rising" online, or download a copy to read (as an MS-DOS RTF file).

New Fiction
Jack is currently working on The Silent, his Civil War novel (Bantam), but does have another "Renaissance" novel in the works entitled Ariel's Island. It's his version of The Tempest, as told from the point of view of the spirit Ariel.

White Wolf Publishing will be publishing Jack's long-awaited road novel, Counting Coup in trade paperback in August 1998. Jack is also compiling a new short story collection, Jubilee and Other Stories, for White Wolf.

"Niagara Falling", an exciting new cyberpunk story co-written with Janeen Webb, will appear in the anthology Black Ice: Stories of Future Japans, edited by Orson Scott Card and former Omni editor Keith Ferrell from Daw Books in December, 1997.

A revised version of the short story "Jubilee", originally published online by Omni as part of its Neon Visions series, will appear in the newest instalment in the Synergy original anthology series, edited by George Zebrowski from White Wolf in 1997.

"The Hanging" will appear in Peter Crowther and Edward E. Kramer’s anthology Heartlands , due from White Wolf, while "Ships", written with Michael Swanwick, appeared in Ellen Datlow’s Off Limits 2.

"The Talking Sword" will appear in Paul Collins' anthology Fantastic Worlds, due from HarperCollins early in 1998.

"Blind Eye", a new ghost story, appeared in Eidolon 22/23 in November 1996, and was featured in the January 1997 issue of Science Fiction Age. It has since been reprinted in The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy (HarperCollins Australia) edited by Jonathan Strahan and Jeremy G. Byrne.

The Memory Cathedral, Jack's major historical novel, continues to go from strength to strength. HarperCollins Publishers Australia published it as part of its Flamingo imprint in March, 1997. HarperCollins, have been "market[ing] it strongly as an important literary work, seeking key review and feature coverage in the literary media as well as broader publicity." It is already in it's third reprinting. The Memory Cathedral was released in trade paperback by Bantam in the US earlier this year. Initial orders were so strong that the first printing sold out prior to publication, and Bantam went back to do a second printing before the release date. German publisher, Lubbe, published The Memory Cathedral in August 1997, and listed it in their catalogue as second lead title, after Ken Follett, and a range of foreign language editions are forthcoming. The Memory Cathedral can be purchased online from Books. You can either order the hardcover or the tradepaperback.

New as Editor
Jack Dann and Janeen Webb have sold Dreaming Down-Under, a major original science fiction and fantasy anthology to HarperCollins Australia for a 1998 publication. It will feature original fiction by major Australian writers, including Damien Broderick, Russell Blackford and others.

The first volume of the White Wolf Trios, Three In Time edited by Jack Dann, Pamela Sargent, and George Zebrowski was published late in 1997. It included The Winds of Time by Chad Oliver, The Year of the Quiet Sun by Wilson Tucker, and There Will Be Time by Poul Anderson with introductions by the editors and a general introduction by Arthur C. Clarke. A second volume, Three In Space, featuring The Enemy Stars by Poul Anderson, The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. van Vogt, and Galaxies by Barry N. Malzberg is due shortly.

Jack will be editing the 1996 Nebula Awards volume for the Science Fiction Writers of America. Nebula Awards 32: SFWA's Choices for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, will be published by Harcourt Brace in hardcover and trade paperback in 1998.

The latest volume in the Magic Tales series of anthologies, Timegates! is now out. Jack and Gardner Dozois have also sold three further volumes in the series, Nanotech!, Immortals!, and Clones!.

Jack Dann gave a reading and signed copies of his book The Memory Cathedral for an appreciative audience at Slow Glass Books in Melbourne on Friday 11 April. He has also been interviewed on various radio programs, including Writers at Work on 3CR.

Jack Dann was the featured guest on HotWired, the World Wide Web site affiliated with Wired magazine on Tuesday 5 November. Jack was interviewed on the online "talk show", Head Space, on Club Wired. The transcript of the chat is now available.

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