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Jack was born in Johnson City, New York in 1945, and was just starting to enjoy a wild youth when he was directed to attend a reform school or a military academy--he chose the later-- and received his BA from Binghamton University in 1967. He's been a writer for over twenty-five years with small breaks in-between to teach at Cornell University and Broome Community College, run his own advertising agency, and work in the hallowed halls of corporate America. He still keeps his hand in as a director of a New York insurance company, but feels rather like he's still in knee-pants and pretending to be a pirate.

Jack's short fiction has appeared in OMNI, PLAYBOY, ISAAC ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION, THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, and other major magazines and anthologies. He is the editor of WANDERING STARS, one of the most acclaimed anthologies of the 1970's, and several other well-known anthologies such as MORE WANDERING STARS. He also edits the multi-volume Magic Tales fantasy series with Gardner Dozois and is a consulting editor for TOR Books. He is editing a classic rediscovery series for White Wolf with George Zebrowski and Pamela Sargent. Jack has been a finalist for the Nebula Award eleven times and a World Fantasy Award finalist three times. He has also been a finalist for the British Science Fiction Award, and, with Gardner Dozois, is a recipient of the Premios Gilgam.s de Narrativa Fantastica award. For those with a taste for the more esoteric, he has been given the honorary title of Esteemed Knight of Mark Twain by the Mark Twain Society.

As part of its Bibliographies of Modern Authors Series, The Borgo Press has published an annotated bibliography & guide entitled The Work of Jack Dann. A second edition is in the works. Dann is also listed in Contemporary Authors and the Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series; The International Authors and Writers Who's Who; Personalities of America; Men of Achievement; Who's Who in Writers, Editors, and Poets, United States and Canada; Dictionary of International Biography; and the Directory of Distinguished Americans.

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