SUSSEX TEACHES AT CLARION (Return to News Archive)

Lucy Sussex spent July in Seattle teaching at the Clarion West sf workshop, a six-week writing experience that had this year as instructors (in order): Paul Park, George R. R. Martin, Connie Willis, Lucy, Gardner Dozois and Carol Emshwiller.

She comments:

"The fourth week at Clarion (I was warned) was when the students got emotional and ratty. Such was hardly surprising, given that they would have had a month of living away from home, writing and critiquing intensively. I brought comfort food (Violet Crumble) for all of us, but after flying from Southern to Northern hemisphere was in no mood to be sympathetic.

The students included a pit boss at a Mississippi Casino, a ski patroller, a doctor, various teachers, technical writers and computer workers. The youngest was 28. Not one of them was untalented. Despite the warnings, they all proved stable, cheerful, hardworking and tolerant of the Kiwi-Oz accent. In fact, they were the best creative writing students I have ever taught. I felt privileged to have encountered them.

I also did a gig at Elliott Bay Books, in which I read a story about `Waltzing Matilda'. As I wasn't sure the audience would know the song, Dave Howells of Alexandria Digital Literature sang it beforehand in a beautiful trained tenor. Never have I sold so many books at one sitting before, My Lady Tongue being especially in demand. I had a wonderful time and got spoiled rotten."

Photo by R.S.Blum ©1998.

Left to Right: J.A.Deveaux, John Phillip Olsen, Chiara Shah, Michael Bateman, Ruth Nestvold, Diana Rowland, Tamela Viglione, Christyna Ivers, Karen Fishler, Ellen Levy Finch, Daniel Abraham, Lucy Sussex, Eric Witchey, Susan H. Fry, and R.S.Blum