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Potato Monkey #1
Editor Benjamin Payne has announced the release of Potato Monkey, a small press magazine of Australian sf.

Issue #1 is 80 pages and costs $5.00 (Australian); subscriptions are $20 for four issues.

The contents of the 80-page first issue are:

  • "Into the Mist" by Robert N. Stephenson
  • "Psychology" by Robbie Matthews
  • "Calapaya" by Trent Jamieson
  • "Sleight of Hand" by Simon Haynes
  • "Generation Next, the Real Thing" by Shane Griffin
  • "Akira and the Dolphin Children" by Alison Venugoban
  • "The Snail Street Sweeper" by Carlton Mellick III
  • "The Lawn Citizens" by Carlton Mellick III
  • "Reflection" by Lida Broadhurst
  • "Sleep" by Lida Broadhurst
Subscriptions are $20 for four issues. More detail is available from Editor Ben Payne via:

Potato Monkey
P.O. Box 84


"Oracle": Year's Best SF?
Gardner Dozois has bought rights to the Hugo-nominated novella "Oracle" for his Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighteenth Annual Collection (due in July 2001), rounding out a string of Australian sales to the international annual reprint anthologies (see 1 and 2).

More Awards for Tan's Lost Thing
Shaun Tan has again featured in the international Spectrum SF Art Awards with the cover for his The Lost Thing winning a Silver in the Book category for 2001.

The jury of the eighth annual Spectrum competition "gave special recognition for superior achievement to the following artists in each of seven categories:"

Gold Award: Kinuko Y. Craft ("Das Rheingold"/client: The Dallas Opera)
Silver Award: Matthew Stawicki ("The Invasion 1"/client: Wizards of the Coast)

Gold Award: David Bowers (cover to When the King Comes Home by Caroline Stevermer/client: Tor Books)
Silver Award: Shaun Tan (cover to The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan/client: Lothian Books)

Gold Award: Dave McKean ("Attack", cover to The Dreaming #59/client: DC Comics)
Silver Award: Phil Hale (cover to Flinch #11/client DC Comics)

Gold Award: Jean-Louis Crinon ("The Haunted Box")
Silver Award: Joel Harlow ("Necronomicon")

Gold Award: Donato Giancola ("2001, Hello"/client: Playboy Magazine)
Silver Award: James Gurney ("Sea Monster"/client: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)

Gold Award: George Pratt ("Entropy 1"/client: self-promotion)
Silver Award: Justin Sweet ("Icewind Dale"/client: Black Isle Studio)

Gold Award: Jason Nobriga ("King of a Little Kingdom")
Silver Award: Gregory Manchess ("Nightcrossing")

Jean Giraud

Winners receive a Spectrum Award sculpted by Joseph DeVito, which rests on a base sculpted by Tom Banwell, with either a gold or silver engraved plate bearing the recipient's name. The awards jury consisted of Gregory Manchess [artist], Brom [artist], Guy Giunta [artist], John Jude Palencar [artist], Irene Gallo [art director/Tor Books], and Harlan Ellison [writer/art director]. All of the art selected by the judges will be included in Spectrum 8: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Cathy and Arnie Fenner, Eds.) to be published by Underwood Books in October, 2001.


2001 Chandler Awarded
The Australian Science Fiction Foundation has presented the 2001 A Bertram Chandler Memorial Award to long-time fanzine editor John Bangsund.

Established and awarded semi-annually by the Foundation since 1991, the A Bertram Chandler Memorial Award recognises "Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction". Previous winners are Van Ikin (1992), George Turner (1993), Merv Binns (1994), Wynne Whiteford (1995), Grant Stone (1996), Susan Smith-Clarke (1997) and Graham Stone (1999).

The 2001 Award was presented as part of the Awards Ceremony at this year's National Convention in April.


Write (C)on Announced
A "Writers' Convention" entitled Write (C)on will be held over the weekend of 18–20 January 2002 at the Barker Barker Lodge Motel, Barker St, Kensington NSW.

According to the Press Release, Write (C)on evolved from "discussion held at the end of Nelcon in November, 2000" and will be "a laid-back, relaxed weekend with two main aims:

  1. To produce an anthology with a view to entering this anthology into the Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers awards held later in 2002,
  2. To discuss various aspects of the writing industry including in dependant publishing, booksellers and distribution, writing courses, markets etc within Australia.
"The venue is a short bus ride from Sydney city, Central Station and the airport. Adjacent to the University of NSW, it offers single or double/twin rooms from $120 single, or $125 double. There is also cheap, single (share facilities) accommodation available at New College at the University of NSW ($49.50 pn). The college is approximately a 2 block walk from Barker Lodge. Also within 4 blocks of the venue are cheap eats such as McDonalds, coffee shops, and asian restaurants. Two extensive 2nd hand bookshops are also a short drive/bus ride away at Randwick.

"Membership to Write (C)on is $20. For this you will receive a con pack and a copy of the anthology when it is edited after the convention. Guest speakers are currently being approached. If you would like to be invited to speak at this event, please contact Edwina Harvey."


Paul Collins Sales
Paul Collins has sold young adult science fiction novel The Earthborn to Tor Books in the US, for a September 2002 publication. Collins has also sold young adult fantasy novel Dragonlinks to Penguin Australia.

Greg Egan's "Oracle" Proves Popular
Greg Egan's "Oracle" has won the Asimov's Readers' Award for Best Novella and been nominated for the 2001 Hugo Award in the same category, and both "Oracle" and Egan's Teranesia are finalists in the gay-friendly Spectrum Awards.

The full results of the 15th Annual Asimov's Readers' Awards are:

  • Best Novella: "Oracle", Greg Egan (Jul 2000)
  • Best Novelette: "On the Orion Line", Stephen Baxter (Oct-Nov 2000)
  • Best Short Story: "The Elephants on Neptune", Mike Resnick (May 2000)
  • Best Poem: "10 Things You Can't Do Inside a Space Helmet", G. O. Clark (Jan 2000)
  • Best Cover Artist: Bob Eggleton
  • Best Interior Artist: Darryl Elliot.
Additional detail, including the "runners-up", can be found on the Asimov's site.

The complete nomination list for the 2001 Hugo Awards is as follows:

Nominations for Novel
  • A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin (Voyager; Bantam Spectra)
  • Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer (Tor)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (Bloomsbury; Scholastic/Levine)
  • Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner Aspect)
  • The Sky Road by Ken MacLeod (Orbit 1999; Tor 2000)
Nominations for Novella
  • "A Roll of the Dice" by Catherine Asaro (Analog Jul/Aug 2000)
  • "Oracle" by Greg Egan (Asimov's Jul 2000)
  • "Radiant Green Star" by Lucius Shepard (Asimov's Aug 2000)
  • "Seventy-Two Letters" by Ted Chiang (Vanishing Acts: A Science Fiction Anthology, Tor Jul 2000)
  • "The Retrieval Artist" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Analog Jun 2000)
  • "The Ultimate Earth" by Jack Williamson (Analog Dec 2000)
Nominations for Novellette
  • "Agape Among the Robots" by Allen Steele (Analog May 2000; Imagination Fully Dilated, Vol. 2, IFD Publishing May 2000)
  • "Generation Gap" by Stanley Schmidt (Artemis Spring 2000)
  • "Millennium Babies" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Asimov's Jan 2000)
  • "On the Orion Line" by Stephen Baxter (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2000)
  • "Redchapel" by Mike Resnick (Asimov's Dec 2000)
Nominations for Short Story
  • "Different Kinds of Darkness" by David Langford (F&SF Jan 2000)
  • "Kaddish for the Last Survivor" by Michael A. Burstein (Analog Nov 2000)
  • "Moon Dogs" by Michael Swanwick (Moon Dogs, NESFA Press Feb 2000; Asimov's Mar 2000)
  • "The Elephants on Neptune" by Mike Resnick (Asimov's May 2000)
  • "The Gravity Mine" by Stephen Baxter (Asimov's Apr 2000)
Nominations for Related Book
  • Concordance to Cordwainer Smith, Third Edition by Anthony R. Lewis (NESFA Press)
  • Greetings from Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton by Bob Eggleton and Nigel Suckling (Paper Tiger)
  • Putting It Together: Turning Sow's Ear Drafts Into Silk Purse Stories Mike Resnick (Wildside Press)
  • Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion by James Gifford (Nitrosyncretic Press)
  • Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature ed. by Andrew M. Butler, Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn (The Science Fiction Foundation)
Nominations for Dramatic Presentation
  • Chicken Run
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Frank Herbert's Dune
  • Frequency
  • X-Men
Nominations for Professional Editor
  • Ellen Datlow
  • Gardner Dozois
  • David G. Hartwell
  • Stanley Schmidt
  • Gordon Van Gelder
Nominations for Professional Artist
  • Jim Burns
  • Bob Eggleton
  • Frank Kelly Freas
  • Donato Giancola
  • Michael Whelan
Nominations for Semiprozine
  • Interzone edited by David Pringle
  • Locus edited by Charles N. Brown
  • New York Review of Science Fiction edited by Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell, and Kevin Maroney
  • Science Fiction Chronicle edited by Andrew I. Porter
  • Speculations edited by Susan Fry; published by Kent Brewster
Nominations for Fanzine
  • Challenger edited by Guy Lillian III
  • File 770 edited by Mike Glyer
  • Mimosa edited by Nicki and Richard Lynch
  • Plokta edited by Alison Scott, Steve Davies and Mike Scott
  • Stet edited by Dick Smith and Leah Zeldes Smith
Nominations for Fan Writer
  • Bob Devney
  • Mike Glyer
  • Dave Langford
  • Evelyn C. Leeper
  • Steven H Silver
Nominations for Fan Artist
  • Sheryl Birkhead
  • Brad Foster
  • Teddy Harvia
  • Sue Mason
  • Taral Wayne
Nominations for the John W. Campbell Award
  • James L. Cambias (1st year of eligibility)
  • Thomas Harlan (2nd year of eligibility)
  • Douglas Smith (2nd year of eligibility)
  • Kristine Smith (2nd year of eligibility)
  • Jo Walton (1st year of eligibility)
Additional details of the nomination process can be found on the Worldcon site.

The Gaylactic Network's Spectrum Awards are a jury award created "to honor works in science fiction, fantasy and horror that deal positively with gay characters, themes and issues." The finalists for the 2001 awards are:

Best Novel
  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, by Michael Chabon (Random House)
  • The Chosen, by Ricardo Pinto (Tor)
  • A Face Without A Heart, by Rick Reed (Design Image Group)
  • The Jazz, by Melissa Scott (Tor)
  • Jumping Off The Planet, by David Gerrold (Tor)
  • Kirith Kirin, by Jim Grimsley (Meisha Merlin)
  • Teranesia, by Greg Egan (Harper/Avon/EOS)

Best Other Work
  • The Authority: Under New Management (comic book, DC Comics)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (television series, WB / Fox / Joss Whedon)
  • A Distant Soil, by Colleen Doran (comic book, Image Comics)
  • "Oracle", by Greg Egan (short story, Asimov's, July 2000)
  • Queer Fear, edited by Michael Rowe (anthology, Arsenal Pulp Press)

Hall of Fame
  • The "Blood" Series, by Tanya Huff (DAW)
  • The "Darkover" Series, by Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW)
  • Imperial Earth, by Arthur C. Clarke (Orion)
  • The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K LeGuin (Ace)
  • The Sparrow/Children of God, by Mary Doria Russell (Fawcett)
  • The "Weetzie Bat" Series (collected as Dangerous Angels), by Francesca Lia Block (Harpercollins)

A "People's Choice Award" will be given to the single work receiving the most nominations. Further detail can be found on the Spectrum Awards site.

All three Awards will be presented at this year's World Science Fiction Convention, The Millennium Philcon (August 30 – September 3, 2001), in Philadelphia, USA.


2001 Aurealis Award Judging Opens
The Judges for the AAs for work published in 2001 have been announced, and the Award has added fifth Division specifically for Children's genre fiction.

The Judges for the 2001 Aurealis Awards are:

Division A: Science Fiction
Coordinator Peter McNamara
Judges Dianne DeBellis, Marian Foster, and Stephen Higgins.

Division B: Fantasy
Coordinator Peter McNamara
Judges Peter McNamara, Helen Patrice, Ben Payne, and Rob Stephenson.

Division C: Horror
Coordinator Rowena Cory Lindquist
Judges Sylvia Kelso, Rowena Cory Lindquist, and Sophie Masson.

Division D: Young Adult
Coordinator Sophie Masson
Judges Richard Harland, Marianne Jablon, and Denise Lines.

Division E: Children's Coordinator Keith Stevenson
Judges Keith Stevenson, Marianne de Peirres, Linsay Knight.

According to the recent Press Release, to be considered for the awards works "should be sent directly to the judges at the time of publication, and one copy should be sent to Chimaera Publications, PO Box 2164, Mt Waverley Vic 3149." The awards are open to work by Australians or Australian residents first published in 2001 (or, apparently, published in November or December 2000 but not reaching the judges of that year's awards in time).

Books which may be eligible for more than one division should be sent to all the relevant judges; the panels work independently of each other, so it's possible for a book to win in more than one division. The new Children's division, for work the 8–12 age group, will present two awards: "Best SF, Fantasy or Horror Novel" and "Best SF, Fantasy or Horror short story".

Guidelines for eligibility and judges' addresses can be found at Aurealis Online's new temporary site at

The Aurealis Award 2001 Convening panel consists of Dirk Strasser, Sophie Masson, Peter McNamara, Keith Stevenson, and the media contact is Rowena Cory Lindquist (ph. 07 3893 2959). Judges' shortlists must be completed by 15 November 2001 and anything submitted after that date cannot be considered, so advance copies or page proofs for any books scheduled for publication in November or December 2001 should be sent as early as possible, although the following year’s panels will consider any (otherwise eligible) book that is not received in some form by early November.

The 2001 short list will be announced in a media release at the end of December 2001, and the winners will be announced at an Awards ceremony to be held in early 2002.


Redsine Back In Print
Webzine Redsine recently announced that, from January 2002, the publication will appear as a 12.7cm x 20.3cm "high quality trade paperback with a glossy colour cover".

According to their Press Release, "Cosmos Books have committed themselves to bringing out the magazine quarterly for at least the next two years. As a result Redsine will have access to a distribution network that covers the UK, the US and Australia.

"The webzine's final issue will be issue 6, online June 1st.

"A further announcement will be made early next month, which will include prices, subscription information and more details concerning the magazine."

The PR included guidelines for the new magazine:

Redsine is now on the lookout for Dark Fantasy stories up to 5000 words in length.

The kind of writing I am looking for is moody, dark and vivid.

Dark fables, fairy tales, out and out horror, all are acceptable. I'm not going to turn back science fiction either, but it has a better chance if it's more "Who Goes there?" than "Foundation" (or "Alien" rather than "Star Wars").

The kind of authors I like are Fritz Leiber, Geoffrey Maloney, D.F. Lewis, Jeff Vandermeer, Poppy Z. Brite, Michael Shea and Neil Gaiman.

In the past we have received too many tales of the hack and slash variety. Stories that consist of a character going insane and then embarking on a killing rampage are unlikely to get a look in. They have been done to death, if you'll excuse the pun. I want the fiction in Redsine to haunt our readers. Be visceral, be confronting, but remember stories should react with the reader on an emotional level.

If you're into edgy, powerful prose then you're the kind of writer we're after.

Re-prints are not encouraged — if you want to send a re-print please first send a query and include details of where/when the story originally appeared.

At this stage, we're paying in contributor's copies. (This is likely to change to 1 cent per word early next year.)

All manuscripts should be disposable.

The preferred manuscript format is double-spaced with author details, title, word count etc. on the cover page, and name, title and page number on the top right hand corner of each page.

Font size between 11 and 14 is preferred.

Please include a self-addressed envelope and one IRC. I prefer subs to be sent snail mail (the address will be announced when we open for submissions). But if you want to make your case for e-mail, I'm open to that, just please enquire first.

There will be three reading periods each year as follows.

  • 1st June – 31st August
  • 1st October – 31st December
  • 1st February – 30th April
Stories submitted outside these times will be returned.


Aurealis For Sale
Chimaera Publications has offered their Aurealis title, its website content, subscriber list and back issue stock for sale by tender, with bids to close on 02 July.

According to the press release, the magazine is being offered as a "going concern", with a double issue #27/28 ready for publication in August (and by implication to be published at Chimaera Publications' expense), and with no outstanding subscriber liability or debts. The sale also includes a non-specific mailing list of 1000 addresses in addition to the magazine's 400 former subscribers, and the stock is described as "substantial".

If you're interested, phone Volker Strasser on +61 3 9534 1569, fax on +61 3 9534 1530 or email to for further details.

Aurealis is reading through the sale period, with stories reaching a "final reading" stage being passed on to the new owners. Chimaera Publications itself will be "changing direction" towards "book, online and multi-media publishing." The Aurealis Awards are to continue to be run independently of the magazine as a condition of the sale, and should be unaffected.


Rhianna books sell to US
Dave Luckett has sold Rhianna and the Wild Magic, Rhianna and the Dogs of Iron and a third Rhianna novel (as yet unwritten) on precis to Scholastic in the US. Australian Rhianna publisher Omnibus Books (Ashton Scholastic) have also bought the second Rhianna novel and are reported to be considering the third.

Australian Dark Fantasy
UK editor Steve Savile's big Dark Fantasy anthology, now titled Year's Best Dark Fantasy: 2002 Edition, will include three stories by Australians.

The book, the first of a planned annual series, will be available from Wildside Press imprint Cosmos Books in June 2001, and will run to 200,000 words. The contents will include Jack Dann's "Marilyn", Stephen Dedman's "What You Wish For" and Robert Hood's "The Old Black Graffiti".

See also previous story.


Multiverse 4 Writers' Day
A Writers' Day will be held on Monday 11 June 2001 at the Edmund Barton Centre, 488 South Road, Moorabbin Victoria, as part of the Multiverse 4 convention.

Organiser George Ivanoff writes:

"Traditionally, Multiverse conventions have catered mainly to media fandom. Despite this, there has been a small lit presence at their past events, with guest speakers such as Paul Collins and Kate Jacoby appearing on panels. In response to the strong interested generated at these past events, a full day of lit programming is being organised for the upcoming convention.

"Principle speaker is multi award-winning author Jack Dann. Co-editor of Dreaming Down Under, his books include The Memory Cathedral, The Man Who Melted and Bad Medicine.

"Additional speakers include Lucy Sussex (Black Ice, My Lady Tongue & Other Tales), Janeen Webb (Dreaming Down Under, Sailing to Atlantis), Sean McMullen (The Centurion's Empire, Mirrorsun Rising), Kerry Greenwood (Cave Rats, Feral), Kate Jacoby (Elita trilogy), Mark Shirrefs (The Girl From Tomorrow, Spellbinder, Pig's Breakfast), Carole Wilkinson (upcoming Ramose trilogy), Sue Bursztynski (Starwalkers, Potions to Pulsars), George Ivanoff (Real Sci-Fi, Generation Ship).

"Cost for the Writers' Day is $50, which also gives you access to the rest of the convention for that day. Further information about the speakers and the convention (including rates and other guests) is available on the Multiverse web site, or via email or snail mail."
The relevant contact details for the convention are:

Multiverse (Inc),
Multiverse Science Fiction Group
PO Box 355 World Trade Centre
Melbourne VIC 3005 AUSTRALIA


TOR tours Douglass & Marillier
Sara Douglass, Juliet Marillier and US author Jacqueline Carey will tour their respective Fantasy works in a series of bookstore-stops through the first two weeks of June 2001.

The full details of the tour are:

  • Fri 1 Jun 2001, time tba, Book Expo America, McCormick Place, Chicago IL, US
  • Mon 4 Jun 2001, 4pm, The Stars Our Destination, 1021 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago IL, US
  • Wed 6 Jun 2001, 7pm, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 13217 Shaker Square, Cleveland OH, US
  • Fri 8 Jun 2001, 7:30pm, Borders, 5871 Crossroads Center Way, Bailey's Crossroads VA, US
  • Sat 9 Jun 2001, 1 pm, Books-A-Million, Reston VA, US
  • Wed 13 Jun 2001, 7pm, University Books, Seattle WA, US
  • Thu 14 Jun 2001, 8pm, Borderlands Books, San Francisco CA, US
  • Fri 15 Jun 2001, 7pm, Mysterious Galaxy, 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Suite #302, San Diego CA, US

Douglass will be promoting The Wayfarer Redemption (the US republication of the retitled Axis Trilogy's BattleAxe), and Marillier her Son of the Shadows, republished by TOR in hardcover in May 2001.


AntiSF Keeps On Coming
The NSW-based webzine AntipodeanSF features four stories by Australians of the seven short-shorts in its latest outing, the 38th since February 1998.

The Australian stories in Issue 38 are:


Genre Works in WA Premier's Book Awards
Two genre authors have been included in the short list for the 2000 WA Premier's Book Awards: Shaun Tan for The Lost Thing and Dave Luckett for Rhianna and the Wild Magic.

Jennifer Fallon’s exclusive ebook
PerfectBound, the e-book imprint of HarperCollins Publishers (US), has announced the launch of its second list of titles for April-May 2001, which includes the first US publication of Australian author Jennifer Fallon’s Medalon.

PerfectBound’s May 29 publication means that the first book in The Demon Child trilogy will be available exclusively in e-book form in North America. The other books in the trilogy—Treason Keep and Harshini—will appear from PerfectBound in later months, joining Garth Nix’s Sabriel and Lirael (January, 2001) at the imprint.


Cat Sparks in Locus Again
Photographer Cat Sparks’ work has appeared in the April Issue of US genre news zine Locus with her coverage of Nick Stathopoulos’ Icarus Exhibition in February.

As noted in the brief accompanying text, art from the exhibition (announced in an earlier news item) and further photos of the event can be seen on the artist’s site.

Pictured (left to right) are: (back) Deborah Biancotti, Bill Congreve, Nick Stathopoulos, Terry Dowling, Robert Hood, Liz Martin; (front) Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride, Danny Heap.


Short Fiction Bonanza at Natcon
Two small press original anthologies joined a number of commercial book-launches at the 2001 National SF Convention this Easter, helping to fill the gaps left by the infrequent and volatile Australian genre magazines.

Consensual, an anthology of genre-related erotica from a West Australian team, joined the follow-up to Mitch? (2000), the 108-page Tarts of the New Millennium, published out of Melbourne. Both books were planned with the intention of launching them at the convention, and both reputedly sold well enough to cover costs.

In addition, the convention souvenir book, which sold for $5.00, included several original short stories by convention guests, and HarperCollins Australia distributed copies of its “Collector’s Edition” of five original stories from Voyager authors, including Juliet Marillier’s “Otherling”.


Borderlands: The World Within
The conveners of Borderlands: The World Within have released details of the convention, a two-day limited-numbers event to be held in Perth in November 2001.

Borderlands Flyer The event will take place on 24–25th November 2001 at the Emerald Hotel, Mount Street Perth. Guests are Chris Lawson, Jeremy Byrne and Tess Williams and memberships, which will be limited to 130, are available at $55 ($45 concession).

The Press Release describes Borderlands as "a much smaller convention than a Swancon held over two days, with two programming streams and a fan lounge, strongly themed to 'The World Within'—an exploration and study of nanotechnology, conciousness, genetics and the like in real life and in speculative fiction", and invites those seeking more detail to contact Simon Oxwell, Grant Watson or Anna Hepworth.


WA's 2001 Genre Awards
The 2001 Western Australian SF Achievement Awards (“Tin Ducks”) were presented at the Awards Ceremony of Swancon 2001, the National SF Convention.

The complete list of winners was as follows:

  • Best WA Written Work (Professional):
    "The Devotee" (Stephen Dedman)
  • Best WA Written Work (Unpaid or Fan):
    "Coelacanth Soup" (Robin Pen)
  • Best WA Production in Any Medium (Professional):
    The Lost Thing (Shaun Tan)
  • Best WA Production in any medium (Unpaid or Fan):
    The Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World (Grant Watson)
  • Best WA Artwork:
    The Lost Thing (Shaun Tan)
The award statuettes, hand-made by Fe Waters after a design by Jade Todd, interpreted the traditional silvered bird form in an innovative if sharp-edged design described later by a senior member of the convention committee as “a little frightening”.


Terry Dowling on Scifiction
"The Lagan Fishers", which earned Dowling US$0.20 for each of its 6500-or-so words, is now online for free at Ellen Datlow's SciFiction.

agog! Fantastic Fiction announced
New small press agog! has announced agog! Fantastic Fiction, an anthology of original fiction which seeks to “engage the imagination, maintain a thrilling pace, and rocket the reader into an astounding world of speculative imagination”, to be launched at the National Convention in 2002.

Agog! Press, established recently by managing editor Cat Sparks and associate editor Robert Hood, is reading for the anthology between April and October 2001. According to the Press Release, “Agog! Fantastic Fiction aims to bring together astounding, compulsively readable stories in the fantastic genres of SF, horror and general fantasy”.

The anthology is intended to be an annual publication, and is open to submissions under 10,000 words from Australian residents. More detail can be found on the press' website.


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