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Egan in Nature/Translation Nominated
Greg Egan will have new science essay "Only Connect" published in the 10 February 2000 issue of Nature magazine. Meanwhile, the German translation of his 1995 novel Distress, published by Heyne Verlag, has been nominated for the Kurd Lasswitz Prize for "Best Foreign - First Published 1999 in German" and for "Best Translation of a Foreign - First Published 1999 In German". The Kurd Lasswitz Prize is the German professional SF award. Voting ends March 31, and the Winner will be announced later this year. For more information see here.

Paul Brandon Sells Fantasy to Tor
Dreaming Down-Under author Paul Brandon has sold his first novel, romantic fantasy Swimming the Moon, to Jack Dann at Tor via agent Merrilee Heifitz for a possible 2001 publication.

McMullen Completes Novel; Guest in New Zealand
Sean McMullen has delivered new science fantasy novel Voyage of the Arrowflight to Jack Dann at Tor Books for a tentative 2001 publication. McMullen, whose The Miocene Arrow will be published by Tor in August, will be a guest of honour at Con D'Or, the 21st New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention, in June. For more information on Con D'Or see here.

Australian Nominees For BSFA Awards
The British Science Fiction Association have announced the nominees for the 1999 BSFA Awards. Nominees includes Stephen Dedman for "Lady Macbeth Blues (Interzone) and Nick Stathopoulos for Best Artwork for Interzone (a reprint of his cover for Dreaming Down-Under). A full list of nominees can be seen here.

Dowling Sells Audio Rights to NPR SF Radio Drama Series
Terry Dowling has sold audio rights to 1986 short story "The Only Bird in Her Name" to Yuri Rasovsky for Beyond 2000, a series of 26 one-hour dramatized radio adaptations of SF stories for The Hollywood Theater of the Ear. The programs, financed by a $200,000 grant from The National Endowment for the Arts to National Public Radio, will be hosted by Harlan Ellison and broadcast over NPR. They will be released as Dove Audio cassettes. For more information see here.

Dowling Makes Ellison More Essential
According to, Terry Dowling has edited a revised and expanded edition of The Essential Ellison for Morpheus Press. The new edition will cover 50 years of Ellison's career, and adds a new 16-piece section.

Strasser Sells to Heyne Verlag
Dirk Strasser has sold German translation rights to his short story "The Doppelganger Effect", originally published in Dreaming Down-Under, to Heyne Verlag. It will appear in Wolfgang Jeschke's anthology Das Jahr Der Maus.

Shepard Sells First Novel
Joel Shepard has sold Full Circle to HarperCollins Australia via agent Joshua Bilmes. Full Circle is Shepard's first novel, and was shortlisted for the 1999 George Turner Prize.

Kim Wilkins - News Correction
On 25/11/99 Eidolon: SF Online reported on Kim Wilkins sale of two novels to HarperCollins Australia. An updated report now clarifies that Wilkins' actually sold two adult horror novels, The Resurrectionists (as originally reported), and The Devil's Party, as well as YA novel Bloodlace.

New Issue of Antipodean SF
Ion Newcombe, editor of AntipodeanSF, advises that the anniversary issue, # 23 of AntipodeanSF is now online.

Dedman Sells New Novel to Tor
Stephen Dedman has sold new dark fantasy novel Shadows Bite, sequel to his Stoker Award nominated The Art of Arrow Cutting, to Jim Frenkel at Tor via agent Richard Curtis for a mid-2001 publication.

Lawson Story Sales
Chris Lawson's story "Written in Blood", orginally published in both Asimov's Science Fiction and Broderick & Hartwell's Centaurus, will be reprinted David G. Hartwell's Year's Best SF 5 due from Avon/Eos in June. Lawson has also sold French rights to stories "Unborn Again" and "Written in Blood" to Stephane Nicot at French SF magazine, Galaxies.

Sussex in Year's Best
Lucy Sussex' story "The Queen of Erewhon", orginally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, will be reprinted David G. Hartwell's Year's Best SF 5 due from Avon/Eos in June.

Broderick Sells in US and Italy
Damien Broderick has sold a revised edition of The Spike, his popular science book that surveys the likelihood of Vernor Vinge's Singularity occurring in the next few decades, to Tor for a late 2000 publication. Broderick has also sold Italian rights to his classic novel The Dreaming Dragons to Editrice Nord. The book will be translated by Luca Landoni, and has been updated and corrected by Broderick.

1999 Aurealis Awards Shortlists Announced
Chimera Publications have announced the shortlists for the 1999 Aurealis Awards. Winners will be announced in March in a ceremony to be held at The South Australian Writers' Centre.

The convenors of the 1999 Aurealis Awards have announced the works published during 1999 which have been shortlisted. Winners will be announced on 6 March 2000 in a ceremony to be held at The South Australian Writers' Centre as part of South Australian Writers' Week.

Division A: Science Fiction
[Judges: Van Ikin, Justine Larbalestier, Helen Merrick, Peter Nicholls]

Best Novel
Barnes, Rory & Damien Broderick - The Book of Revelation (HarperCollins Australia)
Blum, Jonathan & Kate Orman - Doctor Who: Unnatural History (BBC Books)
Egan, Greg - Teranesia (Gollancz, HarperPrism)
Masterton, Andrew - The Letter Girl (Picador)
Rogers-Davidson, Sally - Spare Parts (Penguin)

Best Short Story
Dowling, Terry - "The View in Nancy's Window" (Interzone #146, August 1999)
Lawson, Chris - "Chinese Rooms" (Eidolon 28, September 1999)
Lawson, Chris - "Written in Blood" (Asimov's Science Fiction, #281, June 1999)
Orman, Kate - "The Bicycle Net" (Interzone #146, August 1999)
Sussex, Lucy - "The Queen of Erewhon" (F&SF #577, September 1999)

Division B: Fantasy
[Judges: Jenny Blackford, Marion Foster, Norman Talbot]

Best Novel
Douglass, Sara - Crusader (HarperCollins Australia)
Forsyth, Kate - The Cursed Towers (Random House Australia)
Luckett, Dave - A Dark Journey / A Dark Victory (Omnibus)
Marillier, Juliet - Daughter of the Forest (Pan Macmillan)
Routley, Jane - Aramaya (Avon)

Best Short Story
Browne, Adam - "Orlando's Third Trance" (HQ, December)
Canavan, Trudi - "Whispers of the Mist Children" (Aurealis #23)
Jacobson, Lisa - "The Language of Trees" (HQ, April)
Sussex, Lucy - "The Queen of Erewhon" (F&SF #577, September 1999)
Webb, Janeen - "Incident on Wolfe Street" (HQ, January 2000)

Division C: Horror
[Judges: Steven Paulsen, Sylvia Kelso, Peter Richter]

Best Novel
Harris, Christine - Foreign Devils (Random House Australia)
Kelleher, Victor - Into the Dark (Viking/Penguin)
Kelleher, Victor - The Ivory Trail (Viking/Penguin)
Scott-Bernard, P. - Deadly Sister Love (HarperCollins Australia)

Best Short Story
Baillie, Allan - "The Mouth" (SpinOuts, Longman)
Dedman, Stephen - "Honest Ghosts" (, July)
Massin, Kain - "Escape From Stalingrad" (Harbinger #4)
Venugoban, Alison - "Funeral Rights" (Harbinger #3)
Williams, Sean & Simon Brown - "Atrax" (New Adventures in Sci-Fi, Ticonderoga)

Division D: Young Adult
[Judges: Dianne deBellis, Jonathan Strahan, Sean Williams]

Best Novel
Barnes, Rory - Horsehead Man (HarperCollins Australia)
Broderick, Damien & Rory Barnes - Stuck in Fast Forward (HarperCollins Australia)
Kelleher, Victor - Into the Dark (Viking/Penguin)
Kelleher, Victor - The Ivory Trail (Viking/Penguin)
Luckett, Dave - A Dark Victory (Omnibus)

Best Short Story
No Award

Convenors' Award

Base, Graeme - The Worst Band in the Universe (Viking / Penguin)
Blackford, Russell; Ikin, Van; and McMullen, Sean - Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction (Greenwood Press)
Douglass, Sara - The Betrayal of Arthur (Pan Macmillan)
Dowling, Terry - Antique Futures (mp books)


Sean McMullen Sells New Novels to Tor
Sean McMullen has sold two new science fiction novels to TOR. The first book, Eyes of the Calculor, is third in his Greatwinter series, and is scheduled for a 2001 publication. The second book, Voyage of the Arrowflight is a stand-alone science fantasy that is related to earlier short stories "New Words of Power" and "Queen of Soulmates". Meanwhile Souls in the Great Machine has been selected by as one of the Top SF Novels of 1999.

Helen Sargeant sells to Interzone
Helen Sargeant, writing as Helen Patrice, has had original fantasy story "Shaping Up" published in the November 1999 issue of Interzone.

McMullen Fiction Sales
Sean McMullen has sold new stories "Colours of the Soul" to Interzone, and "Unthinkable" and "The Mask of Terminus" to Analog. Publication is yet to be scheduled.

Tan's The Lost Thing Completed
Shaun Tan has completed new picture book, The Lost Thing, for Lothian Books. Tan, who won the Children's Book Council Award for The Rabbits, has written and illustrated The Lost Thing, which is tentatively scheduled for September 2000.

Turner Prize Winner Sells in US
Maxine McArthur has sold world English rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand) to her Turner Award-winning novel Time Future, plus a sequel Time Past, to Betsy Mitchell at Warner via Russ Galen acting for the Australian office of Curtis Brown.

Forthcoming Australian SF - 2000
A preliminary listing of new science fiction and fantasy scheduled to be published in 2000. For a listing see here.

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