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UK Publisher to Reprint HarperCollins Australia Titles
A new UK publisher, Swift Publishers, has purchased the reprint rights to a package of titles originally published by HarperCollins Australia. Swift will start publishing the books with a hardcover edition of Sean Williams' Metal Fatigue in August, a mass market edition of Traci Harding's The Ancient Future in October and a trade paperback edition of Jack Dann and Janeen Webb's Dreaming Down-Under in November.

New Western Australian Writer Sells Overseas
Western Australian writer Juliet Marillier has sold the UK rights to her celtic fantasy novel Daughter of the Forest, and its sequels, to Jane Johnson at HarperCollins UK. Daughter of the Forest was published by Pan Macmillan in Australia in April.

1999 Ditmar Nominations Announced
Spawncon 2, the 1999 Australian National Science Fiction Convention, has announced the nominations for the 1999 Ditmar Awards.

1999 Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards (Ditmars)


  • Pilgrim, Sara Douglass (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Feral, Kerry Greenwood (Hodder Headline Australia)

  • The Centurion's Empire, Sean McMullen (TOR)

  • The Tilecutter's Penny, Caiseal Mór (Random House Australia)

  • The Resurrected Man, Sean Williams (HarperCollins Australia)

  • No Award


  • "The Marsh Runners", Paul Brandon (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "The Evil Within", Sara Douglass (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "Dream Until God Burns", Andrew Enstice (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "The Truth About Weena", David J. Lake (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "Queen of Soulmates", Sean McMullen (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • "To Avalon", Jane Routley (Dreaming Down-Under, HarperCollins Australia)

  • No Award


  • Altair, Robert N. Stephenson, ed. (Altair Publishing)

  • Aurealis: The Australian Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dirk Strasser & Stephen Higgins, eds. (Chimera Publications)

  • Dreaming Down-Under, Jack Dann & Janeen Webb, eds. (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Eidolon: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G. Byrne, eds. (Eidolon Publications)

  • Fantastic Worlds, Paul Collins, ed. (HarperCollins Australia)

  • The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, Paul Collins ed, (Melbourne University Press)

  • No Award


  • The Captain's Log, Rose Mitchell

  • Ethel the Aardvark, Ian Gunn

  • Interstellar Ramjet Scoop, Bill Wright

  • The Metaphysical Review, Bruce Gillespie

  • Out of the Kaje, Karen Johnson

  • Thyme, Alan Stewart

  • No Award


  • Ian Gunn

  • Robert Jan

  • Dick Jenssen

  • Marco Nero

  • Kerri Valkova

  • No Award


  • Emma Barber for the cover art to Cannibals of the Fine Light (Ticonderoga) and A View Before Dying (Ticonderoga)

  • Marc McBride for the cover art to Fantastic Worlds (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Marilyn Pride for AussieCon 3 Progress Reports

  • Nick Stathopoulos for the cover art to The Man Who Melted (HarperCollins Australia) and to Dreaming Down-Under (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Shaun Tan for The Rabbits, a picture book (Lothian)

  • No Award


  • Damien Broderick for reviews in The New York Review of Science Fiction

  • Paul Collins for The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, (Melbourne University Press)

  • Steven Paulsen for contributions to The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, (Melbourne University Press)

  • Jonathan Strahan for reviews in Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field

  • Janeen Webb & Andrew Enstice for Aliens & Savages (HarperCollins Australia)

  • Sean Williams & Simon Brown for "No Axis No Boundary" (Altair 1)

  • No Award

The Awards will be presented at the Other Awards Ceremony at AussieconThree.


Tan's The Rabbits Shortlisted for 1999 CBC Awards
The Children's Book Council of Australia has announced the shortlists for the 1999 Australian Children's Book of the Year. Nominees include Shaun Tan, who has been nominated in the Picture Book of the Year category with John Marsden for The Rabbits (Lothian). A full shortlist can be found on the Council website.

Nix Update
Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr, the soon-to-be-published sequel to Garth Nix's Aurealis Award winning novel Sabriel, will now appear as two separate novels, Lirael and Abhorsen. Lirael will be published by Allen & Unwin in Australia and HarperCollins in the US in late 1999, with Abhorsen to follow in 2000.

Robert Hood Featured on ABC's Australian Story
The ABC will air "Night Train", an episode of the documentary series Australian Story about Robert Hood, poet Deb Westbury, and the death of their son Luke, on Thursday 8 April 1999 at 8.30pm.

Swancon 24 (ICon) 1 - 5 April 1999
The 24th Annual Western Australian SF Convention, ICon, will be held at The Metro Inn, South Perth from Thursday 1 April to Monday 5 April 1999. Guests include Jack Dann, Sean Williams and Janny Wurts, with Ippongi Bang, Jeremy G. Byrne, Stephen Dedman, Paul Kidd, Kuni Kimura, Dave Luckett, Don Maitz, Grant Stone, Jonathan Strahan and Janeen Webb.

1999 Turner Prize Shortlist Announced
Random House has announced the shortlist for the 1999 George Turner Prize. The Prize for unpublished novels, is in its second year, and is open to all writers. The winner will be advised on 7 May 1999.


The short list for this year's $10,000 George Turner Fiction Prize, sponsored by the Transworld division of Random House was announced on 22 March 1999 and is as follows:

Wendy A. J. Adnams-Hodges for The City of Dreams
Adam Browne and Sam Sejavka for Autopsy Turvy
Hal Colebatch for Millennium Troopers
Narrelle Harris for Witch Faith
Dave Luckett for Subversive Activity
Maxine McArthur for The Centre Far
Christopher McDonough for When the Angels Fall
Joel Shepherd for Full Circle
and Andrés Vaccari for Prey

1998 George Turner
Prize Winner

Entrants for the Turner Prize are first considered by a sifting panel - comprised of several specialist science fiction/fantasy booksellers, an academic, a writer and a publisher that looked at nearly a hundred entries to come up with the short list - which forwards a shortlist of ten entries to the judging panel.

Shona Martyn, Head of Publishing at Transworld, expressed appreciation for the work of the sifting panel and extended her congratulations to all the shortlisted authors: "I'm very excited by the quality - and variety - of the manuscripts on the shortlist and look forward to publishing the winning manuscript on our Bantam list late in the year. I'm also pleased that we'll be publishing the second novel of last year's winner, Tansy Rayner Roberts, in September." Roberts novel, Liquid Gold, is the sequel to the 1998 Turner Prize Winner, Splashdance Silver.

A judging panel consisting of Peter McNamara, former publisher of Aphelion Books; Leigh Blackmore, bookseller at Dymocks Books in Sydney; and Louise Thurtell, Transworld's Fiction Publisher, will now choose a winner from the shortlist.

The winning author is to be advised on 7 May and will be presented with their $10,000 prize money at a combined presentation and launch for the novel at WorldCon in September.

Now in its second year, this wonderful prize was named in honour of the late George Turner, one of Australia's most distinguished science fiction writers, and guest of honor at the 1999 WorldCon. The Prize aims to foster writers in these two fast-growing areas of Australian publishing.


Forthcoming Books 1999
A listing of some of the new books by Australian SF and fantasy writers due to be published during 1999.

Sussex and Love to Run WorldCon Writers' Workshop
Lucy Sussex and Rosaleen Love will run a writers' workshop concurrently with the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Melbourne.

Aussiecon III will have a workshop for new writers, following in the tradition of Aussiecon I's writers' workshop with Ursula Le Guin. Funding permitting, the workshop will be held in the World Trade Centre but separate from the Convention proceedings. Workshopping will involve sessions of short story or novel extract critiquing, moderated by professional writers. Manuscripts must be submitted prior to the convention, and are required to be in the sf, fantasy, horror or magic realism genres. Workshop administrators are Rosaleen Love and Lucy Sussex.

Submissions are now invited for the Aussiecon III workshop for new writers. The workshop will be held in the World Trade Centre, but separate from the Convention proceedings. A stream of panels on professional writing information, for example on marketing a first novel, will also be part of Aussiecon II programming. The workshop will be run along the lines of the successful workshops at Bucconneer, the last science fiction world convention, and Wiscon, the feminist science fiction convention. This means that participants will be divided into small groups, each with a professional writer as guest and moderator, for critiquing of manuscripts submitted, over a period of 1-2 hours. Groups will consist of four to six writers, with special themes for each group: science fiction, hard (ie scientifically based) science fiction, fantasy, horror, teenage or adolescent literature, dark fantasy, magical realism. Prospective writers will be required to submit 1 story or chapter of novel and synopsis, not exceeding 5000 words, with preferred theme specified. In the event of a glut of horror writers (for example) extra sessions on the theme will be scheduled.

Participation in the workshops is restricted to Aussiecon members, either for the full period of the convention, or with day and half day memberships covering the period of the workshop only.

How to apply:
Please send 5 copies of your manuscript, typed or on computer, double spaced, using a clearly readable font, AND NOT EXCEEDING 5000 WORDS to Lucy Sussex, 13 Frederick Street, Brunswick, Vic 3056. Enclose a large ssae, so you can receive the other manuscripts being critiqued by your group. Specify theme wanted, and if possible, preferred times for the workshop.


Dann Sells New Novel to Avon, and Anthologies to Ace
Jack Dann has sold an as yet unwritten novel about James Dean to Tom Dupree at Avon Books. He has also sold three new anthologies in the ongoing "Magic Tales" series, edited with Gardner Dozois, to Ace.

Forsyth Sells New Book to Random House
Kate Forsyth, author of Dragonclaw and The Pool of Two Moons, has sold the fourth and possibly final book in her 'Witches of Eileanan' series, The Cave of the Sea-Singers, to Random House in Australia for a 2000 publication. The third volume in the series, The Cursed Towers, is scheduled for publication by Random House in June, with a US edition from Penguin to follow later.

1998 Aurealis Awards Announced
The 1998 Aurealis Awards were presented in a ceremony held at Slow Glass Books in Melbourne on Friday, 26 February 1999. Winners included Stephen Dedman, Alison Goodman, David J. Lake, Dave Luckett, Sean McMullen, Jane Routley, Shaun Tan, and Kaaron Warren.

Best Novel

Winner: The Centurion’s Empire by Sean McMullen (Tor)
Singing the Dogstar Blues by Alison Goodman (HarperCollins)
The Night is for Hunting by John Marsden (Pan Macmillan)
The New Adventures: Walking to Babylon by Kate Orman (Virgin)
The Resurrected Man by Sean Williams (HarperCollins)

Best Short Story

Winner: “The Truth About Weena” by David J. Lake (Dreaming Down-Under)
“Transit” by Stephen Dedman (Asimov’s)
“Oceanic” by Greg Egan (Asimov’s)
“Real Men” by Rosaleen Love (Dreaming Down-Under)
“Australian Visions” by Michael Pryor (Aurealis 20/21)

Judges: Justine Larbalestier, Graham South, Jonathan Strahan

Division B: Fantasy

Best Novel

Joint Winner: A Dark Winter by Dave Luckett (Omnibus)
Joint Winner: Fire Angels by Jane Routley (Avon)
Pilgrim by Sara Douglass (HarperCollins)
A Shadow on the Glass by Ian Irvine (Penguin)
Cold Iron by Sophie Masson (Hodder)

Best Short Story

Winner: “A Walk-On Part in the War” by Stephen Dedman (Dreaming Down-Under)
“Jetsam” by Kerry Greenwood (Dreaming Down-Under)
“Queen of Soulmates” by Sean McMullen (Dreaming Down-Under)
“To Avalon” by Jane Routley (Dreaming Down-Under)
“The Bath House” by Keith Taylor (Fantastic Worlds)

Judges: Jenny Blackford, Van Ikin, Norman Talbot

Division C: Horror

Best Novel

No Award

Best Short Story

Winner: “A Positive” by Kaaron Warren (Bloodsongs #10)
“The Marsh Runners” by Paul Brandon (Dreaming Down-Under)
“Dawn Chorus” by Glyn Parry (Fantastic Worlds)
“The Third Rail” by Aaron Sterns (Dreaming Down-Under)
“The Glass Woman” by Kaaron Warren (Aurealis #22)

Judges: Marian Foster, Sylvia Kelso, Tony Shillitoe

Division D: Young Adult

Best Novel

Winner: Singing the Dogstar Blues by Alison Goodman (HarperCollins)
Horsehead Boy by Rory Barnes (HarperCollins)
Killing Darcy by Melissa Lucashenko (UQP)
A Dark Winter by Dave Luckett (Omnibus)
The Night is for Hunting by John Marsden (Pan Macmillan)

Best Short Story

No Award

Judges: Bruce Gillespie, Rosaleen Love, Sean Williams

Conveners’ Award

Winner: Shaun Tan, for his artwork in: The Rabbits (Lothian)

Paul Collins, Sean McMullen & Steven Paulsen, for: The MUP Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy (Melbourne University Press)

Jack Dann & Janeen Webb, for their anthology: Dreaming Down-Under (HarperCollins)

Greg Egan, for his collection: Luminous (Orion / Millennium)

Conveners: Peter McNamara, Stephen Higgins


1999 Ditmar Nominations Open
Spawncon 2, the 1999 National Australian Science Fiction Convention, has released the nomination form for the 1999 Ditmar Awards. Nominations close on 31 March 1999, and all nomination forms must be received by that time. Any Australian science fiction fan may nominate for the Awards. Spawncon 2 will run concurrently with AussieCon 3, the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention, and the Ditmar Awards will be presented at AussieCon 3.

Lirael Splits; Sabriel a Trilogy?
Publication of Garth Nix's new novel has been delayed till late 1999. The novel, which was to have been called Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr, is to be split in two and will possibly appear from Allen & Unwin in Australia and HarperCollins in the US under the titles Daughter of the Clayr (late 1999) and Lirael (2000). Nix has also sold a new short story to Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling for their new anthology Tales from the Dark Wood.

Webb Shortlisted for HQ/Flamingo Fiction Prize
"Incident on Woolfe Street", a new story by Janeen Webb, has been shortlisted for the 1998 HQ/Flamingo Fiction Prize. This is the third consecutive year Webb has been shortlisted for the prize, which is "blind" judged (i.e judges do not know who has written the entries) by a panel of expert judges.

Nix Shortlisted for US Young Reader Awards
Garth Nix's novel Shade's Children has been shortlisted for the Pacific Northwest Young Reader's Choice Awards and the South Carolina Book Awards, while Sabriel has been shortllisted for five State Awards to be presented this year.

Dann/Webb News
Jack Dann and Janeen Webb have sold new story "The Fire-Eater's Tale" to Ed Kramer for his anthology Strange Attraction, based on artwork by Lisa Snellings. Dann has also sold new story "Marilyn" to Eidolon, and new anthologies Armageddons and Future Combat (with G. Dozois) to Ace.

Aurealis Anthology Announced
Chimera Publications have announced that they will publish The Aurealis Mega OZ SF Anthology, a collector's edition that will include the contents of issues 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, and 16 of Aurealis, along with the winners of the Aurealis Millennium Short Story Competition and the results of the 1998 Aurealis Awards.

Harland's Third Eddon and Vail Novel Scheduled
Richard Harland's new novel Hidden From View will be published by Pan Macmillan in August 1999. The novel is third in the series of SF novels featuring the psychic detectives Eddon and Vail.

Congreve Has Collection Published, Sells Short Fiction Overseas
Bill Congreve had Epiphanies of Blood, a collection of vampire stories published by MirrorDanse Books in December. Congreve has sold US reprint rights for "The Death of Heroes" to Ellen Datlow at Event Horizon; French magazine rights to "Red Ambrosia" to Ténèbres, and French anthology rights for "The Mullet That Screwed John West". All three stories appeared in Epiphanies of Blood.

Interzone Australian Issue
British science fiction magazine Interzone will publish a special all-Australian issue to co-incide with the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne, Australia in September 1999. The issue will be guest edited by Paul Brazier and feature "The View in Nancy's Window", a new story by Terry Dowling, as well as fiction by Sean McMullen and others.

Douglass Sells New Trilogy to HarperCollins
Sara Douglass has sold historical fantasy trilogy, The Crucible, to Angelo Loukakis at HarperCollins. The trilogy, which is unrelated to Douglass's Tencendor novels, is about the decline of the Church and rise of secularism in Europe at the time of the Black Death. The trilogy is yet to be written, but will comprise The Nameless Day, The Wounded Hawk and The Crippled Angel.

Laura Harris Leaves HarperCollins
HarperCollins Commissioning Editor Laura Harris has left the company to take up the position of publisher of young adult books at Penguin Australia. HarperCollins publisher Angelo Loukakis will take on the role of Commissing Editor in addition to his other duties.

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