Egan Wins Seiun Again

Greg Egan's "Reasons To Be Cheerful" has tied with Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life" for Best Translated Short Story in the 33rd Seiun Awards, the Japanese equivalent of the Hugos.

This year saw two Australians in the category, with Stephen Dedman's "Never Seen By Waking Eyes" also nominated. Egan's Hugo-winning novella "Oceanic" won the category in 2001, and his novels and short stories have featured in the nominations every year since 1996.

The 2002 awards were announced at U-Con, the 41st Annual Japanese SF Convention, in Shimane prefecture on July 14th, and will be represented at the ConJose awards ceremony.

(Friday, July 19 @ 02:03:46 WST)

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