Frequently Asked Questions about contributing material to Eidolon magazine & the website


What kind of stories does Eidolon publish?
Eidolon aims to publish only the best short "fantastic fiction", but our reach is very broad. We consider work from the hardest of science-driven sf through sword-and-sorcery romance to stories with the barest whiff of magic realism or hint of psychological horror. Quality writing is firstly easily read and understood, secondly engaging and satisfying, and only thirdly distinctive and original. Stories published in Eidolon must be all three.
One of the best ways to find out what we publish is to browse the fiction in the magazine itself, or reprinted on our website.

What are Eidolon's specific requirements for short fiction submissions?
Eidolon is a "specialist market": we publish fiction written by Australians or Australian residents only. We are open to unsolicited manuscripts of between 500 and 10,000 words.

Do you reprint fiction?
No. (We occasionally reprint material which has previously only appeared in very limited release, but this is unusual.)

Do you consider novel-length submissions under any circumstances?
No. (Our book line has published collections and short novels in the past but has never been open to submissions, and Eidolon magazine does not serialise.)

Is Eidolon a market for poetry?
No. (We have published poetry and may do so again, but we won't consider unsolicited poetry submissions.)

Does Eidolon accept unsolicited non-fiction?
No. (We are, however, open to one- or two-paragraph "abstracts" of existing essays, articles and interviews or descriptions of potential pieces. We expect relevance to the genre and prefer to publish pieces of 2000 – 4000 words. Please submit these as you would fiction, and we'll respond in the usual manner.)

What about industry news and information?
Our website publishes news of general interest related to the genre in Australia. You can send news to or create a logon to the website and add news items yourself.

Does Eidolon publish letters?
Yes, although not regularly. When we do, we reserve the right to edit the text, but we will avoid contextual alteration and endeavour to preserve the writer's intent. Letter manuscripts remain the property of the magazine, and we reserve the non-exclusive right to publish any letter we receive.

Are you looking for cover artwork or internal illustrations?
Yes, but Eidolon does not accept unsolicited art. If you're interested, please send samples of your work to the address listed above, and we'll contact you. Send copies only, as no unsolicited artwork can be returned. If you are communicating via email, do not include samples as attachments, but provide links (URLs) to the works on the web.

How can I send my submission to Eidolon?
We prefer submissions to be emailed to, but we will accept paper or disk-based submissions posted to PO Box 225, North Perth, Western Australia 6906.

Will you consider multiple submissions by the same author?
No; we will consider only one story by a particular author at a time. (If you have any questions about this, please contact us.)

What's your preferred format for submissions?
We accept submissions as email attachments in Rich Text (rtf) or MS Word (doc) formats (contact us if you're having trouble with document conversion), or printed/typed single-sided on A4-sized white paper. Please format documents double-spaced with wide margins in at least 12 point type using a serif face if possible, and include title, author and page number on each page. Electronic submissions should be attached to an email which includes the author's details in the following format:
Author's Name:
Author's Address:

Author's email:
Story Title:
Story Length:

Does Eidolon require SASEs to accompany submissions?
We cover postage of response letters, but we can acknowledge receipt of submissions only when accompanied by an email address or a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we cannot return manuscripts unless accompanied by an A4 SASE with sufficient postage. (If you provide an email address or don't want confirmation and you don't want your manuscript back, you do not need to provide an SASE.)

How long does Eidolon take to respond to submissions?
We consider unsolicited manuscripts in two distinct rounds. If your submission passes the first round then you'll receive an acknowledgment of receipt and an indication of its progress; otherwise you'll receive a letter declining the story. We hope to complete all first-round considerations within two weeks, and to provide a final decision within ten weeks.

Does Eidolon provide feedback on stories?
We can't provide feedback on all submissions, but we'll often include comments if and when we decline stories which reach beyond the first round of consideration (see "How long does Eidolon take to respond?", above).

What do I get for my trouble?
A Contributor's Copy of the issue in which your piece appears, and payment of $20 for both short fiction and illustration ($50 for cover art).

Where can I find more recent or additional information?
The most recent version of this document can be found on the web at, and we will respond to questions via email or post (see "How can I send my submission to Eidolon?", above).

  • Updated 29-January-2003: announcing closure of Eidolon magazine
  • Updated 09-December-2002: adding reprint policy; updating with reference to "How to List"
  • Updated 27-November-2002: defining requirements for electronic cover letters
  • Updated 14-November-2002: inviting submissions of non-fiction abstracts
  • Updated 21-October-2002: preferred email submissions address changed
  • Updated 28-August-2002: clarifications, change to electronic submissions policy, poetry, SASEs
  • Updated 06-September-2001: corrections; clarifying novel-length submissions and multiple submissions policies; referring writers to the magazine re. style.
  • This version of the FAQ was completed on 08-August-2001, replacing earlier submission guidelines.

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