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a Magazine edited by James Cain

James R Cain, November 2002
Prestige Format (A5) (80pp) $5.00
issn 1447-3747


"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" by R J Barker
"Soft White Underbelly" by Tim
... (more)

Dark Animus cover art by Les Petersen
Cover by Les Petersen


a Novel by Damien Broderick & Rory Barnes

Fictionwise, November 2002 (reprint)

A far-future parable about political and cultural imperialism. Barnes and Broderick propose that by 4004 AD the Universe has been filled with human... (more)

Valencies cover art by Karen Abbey (1983 Edition)
Cover by Karen Abbey (1983 Edition)

THE RAVEN GAME (Book 3 of The Watchers)

a Novel by Caiseal Mor

Simon & Schuster, November 2002
Trade Paperback (408pp) $26.95
isbn 0-7318-0999-8

I'm not some silly songbird sporting a bunch of dainty feathers around my pretty arse. I'm a Raven. A bird of death. So I'll thank you to have some... (more)

The Raven Game cover art

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Book 4 of Guinevere Jones)

a Young Adult Novel by Sophie Masson

Random House Australia, November 2002
Paperback $14.95
isbn 1-7405-1854-3

Gwen is in a bind: someone has put a spell on her to prevent her from leaving the shop; Gadowain is still hanging around; Michael is in terrible... (more)

No Place Like Home cover art

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Publications before 01-Nov-2002 >

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