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a Children's Book by James Valentine

Random House Australia, September 2002
Paperback $14.95
isbn 1-7405-1789-X

"I know exactly what time is until I am asked to explain it."
St Augustine, AD 4th century

Theodore Pine Four has hair that
... (more)

Jumpman cover art

THE VISITANTS (Book 1 of The Casting of the Golden Dice)

a Novel by William Tevelein

Penguin, September 2002
Paperback (420pp, 181x111mm) $19.95
isbn 0-1430-0020-9

When a naked, naive and unnervingly Elfin entity named Pherel tumbles into a small midwinter coven gathering on the banks of an Australian river... (more)

The Visitants cover art by Cathy Larsen
Cover by Cathy Larsen

BORDERLANDS: That Which Scares Us

an Anthology edited by Anna Hepworth, Simon Oxwell & Grant Watson

Borderlands (Perth, WA), September 2002
Paperback (70pp)

Souvenir Book for Perth-based genre convention Borderlands: That Which Scares... (more)

Borderlands cover art


a Young Adult Novel by Jim Schembri

Lothian, September 2002
Paperback (208pp, 195x125mm) $16.95
isbn 0-7344-0341-0

Three typical high school students are recruited to take part in a war in an alternate universe. But in this world they learn more about themselves... (more)

Portal Bandits cover art

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Publications before 01-Sep-2002 >

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