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an Anthology edited by Chuck McKenzie & Tansy Rayner Roberts

Agog! Press (Wollongong, NSW), June 2002
Paperback (230pp) $19.95
isbn 0-9580-5671-4

Comic Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror by Australian... (more)

AustrAlien Absurdities cover art by Dion Hamill
Cover by Dion Hamill

THE FATHOMLESS CAVES (Book 6 of The Witches of Eileanan)

a Novel by Kate Forsyth

Random House, June 2002
Paperback $18.96
isbn 0-0918-4055-4

"I saw the scaly sea rise and flood the land, the Red Wanderer like a bloody gash in the sky. That is when they will come, with the rising o the red... (more)

The Fathomless Caves cover art


a Novel by Joy Dettman

Pan Macmillan, June 2002
Paperback (464pp) $18.50
isbn 0-3303-6353-0

The world as it was has been all but destroyed. Those few who survived the Great Ending are now ruled by an all-powerful group known as the Chosen... (more)

Seventh Day cover art


a Young Adult Novel by Gail Merritt

Lothian, June 2002
Paperback (208pp, 195x125mm) $16.95
isbn 0-7344-0350-X

Louise, an ordinary teenager, discovers she is a Changeling from another world.

Unbelievable? Well it gets worse: the real Louise is
... (more)

Changeling cover art

< Publications after 08-Jun-2002

Publications before 01-Jun-2002 >

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