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an Anthology edited by Bill Congreve

Mirrordanse (Parramatta, NSW), March 2002
Paperback (171pp) $19.95
isbn 0-9586-5833-1

Passing Strange is a collection of thirteen new stories of speculative fiction from some of Australia’s brightest talents in the field. Fantasy... (more)

Passing Strange cover art by Cat Sparks
Cover by Cat Sparks

THE ISLE OF ILLUSION (Book 2 of Deltora Quest Two)

a Young Adult Novel by Emily Rodda

Scholastic (Gosford, NSW), March 2002

... (more)

The Isle of Illusion

Cover Art

Not Available


a Novel by Greg Egan

Orion/Gollancz (UK), February 2002
Hardcover (352pp)
isbn 0-5750-7068-4

Set in the far future, Schild's Ladder is a mind-blowing trip through cutting edge science to the very building blocks of the universe, from... (more)

Schild's Ladder cover art

OKRA AND ACACIA: The Story of the Wattle Pattern Plate

a Young Adult Novel by Libby Hathorn

Hodder Headline (Sydney, NSW), February 2002
Hardcover (60pp, 230mm) $27.95
isbn 0-7336-1492-2

Based on the Chinese legend of the Willow Pattern Plate, and with papercuts by Brigitte Stoddard—one of only a handful of artists still... (more)

Okra and Acacia

Cover Art by Brigitte Stoddart

Not Available

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