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a Children's Book by Rosalind Hawke

Lothian, February 2002
Paperback (160pp, 195x125mm) $12.95
isbn 0-7344-0318-6

Joel, from The Keeper, is back, this time with ghosts and lighthouse mysteries. Still grappling with ADD, can he and Mia work together to solve the... (more)

Sailmaker cover art


a Children's Book by Jonathan Harlen

Allen & Unwin, February 2002
Paperback (204pp, 195x130mm) $14.95
isbn 1-8650-8687-8

A funny, fast-paced story about a boy who infiltrates Kreeb's Correct-a-torium, a school for delinquent children, and rescues everyone from the evil... (more)

Brain Scam cover art


a Novel by Damien Broderick

TOR (US), February 2002
Hardcover (432pp)
isbn 0-7653-0369-8

A brilliant young woman, a teenage boy and a resurrected man, coming of age in a hgh-tech... (more)

Transcension cover art

CAVERN OF THE FEAR (Book 1 of Deltora Quest Two)

a Young Adult Novel by Emily Rodda

Scholastic (Gosford, NSW), February 2002

... (more)

Cavern of the Fear

Cover Art

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Publications before 01-Feb-2002 >

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