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FERREN AND THE WHITE DOCTOR (Book 2 of Heaven and Earth)

a Novel by Richard Harland

Penguin (Ringwood, VIC), February 2002
Paperback (372pp, 198x129mm) $19.95
isbn 0-1410-0511-4

Rebellious Ferren and the stranded angel Miriael travel from one exotic tribe to the next as they seek to unite the Residual people against the evil... (more)

Ferren and the White Doctor cover art


a Children's Book by Sally Odgers

Koala Books (Mascot, NSW), February 2002
Trade Paperback $9.95
isbn 0-8646-1418-7

Jed has trouble getting to sleep, and with a year-long space voyage ahead of him, that's a serious problem. Lying awake on the Starbringer is worse... (more)

Sleepless in Space

Cover Art

Not Available


a Children's Book by Penny Hall & Craig Smith

Koala Books (Mascot, NSW), February 2002
Paperback (64pp) $9.95
isbn 0-8646-1417-9

A science fiction adventury story with themes of family and school. A boy arrives on Clark's doorstep and says he is an exchange student. Alan Alyian... (more)

Alan the Alien

Cover Art

Not Available


a Novel by Maxine McArthur

Random House, February 2002
Paperback (554pp) $16.95
isbn 1-8632-5284-3

Sequel to George Turner Prize winning novel, Time Future. The deep space station Jocasta awaits the result of a historic vote to win freedom from the... (more)

Time Past cover art

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