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ENCHANTER (Book 2 of The Wayfarer Redemption)

a Novel by Sara Douglass

TOR (US), October 2001 (reprint)
Hardcover (544pp, 9.55x6.47in)
isbn 0-3128-7582-7

Having vanquished his foes, Axis heads off to the Icarri stronghold to claim his heritage, but as he learns to wield his new Enchanter powers, he... (more)

Enchanter cover art

BLACK SUN RISING (Book 4 of Shades)

a Young Adult Novel by Robert Hood

Hodder Headline (Sydney, NSW), October 2001
Paperback (161pp, 198x128mm) $14.95
isbn 0-7336-1299-7

Shine finds himself stranded in Cairo, Egypt, with only a vague recollection of how he got there, but when a terrifying Black Sun starts to rise... (more)

Black Sun Rising cover art


a Novel by Peter McAllister

Penguin (Ringwood, VIC), October 2001
Paperback (624pp, 181x111mm) $19.95
isbn 0-1402-9528-3

A murder nobody could possibly commit. A terrorist plot to unleash nuclear war. And a dark, Soviet-era secret buried so deep its only trace is one... (more)

Cosmonaut cover art


a Novel by Tess Williams

HarperCollins (Sydney, NSW), October 2001 (reprint)
Paperback $17.50
isbn 0-7322-7080-4

In the not-too-distant future, and in a specially constructed marina off the US coast, Elizabeth works to communicate with a killer whale, an... (more)

Sea As Mirror cover art

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Publications before 10-Oct-2001 >

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