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HARSHINI (Book 3 of The Demon Child Trilogy)

a Novel by Jennifer Fallon

HarperCollins (Sydney, NSW), October 2001
Paperback $17.95
isbn 0-7322-6613-0

In the third book of this bestselling trilogy, Medalon has surrendered to Karien and Tarja is once more an outlaw. The Defenders are scattered and... (more)

Harshini cover art by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Cover by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

EYES OF THE CALCULOR (Book 3 of Greatwinter)

a Novel by Sean McMullen

TOR (US), September 2001
Hardcover (592pp, 9.50x6.56in) $60.00
isbn 0-3128-7736-6

Two thousand years into the future, a vastly changed Earth is threatened by catastrophe and the destruction of all civilization, and the Dragon... (more)

Eyes of the Calculor cover art


a Children's Book by David Demant

Museum Victoria Publications (Mebourne, VIC), September 2001
Paperback $16.45
isbn 0-9311-8421-1

"Grandad reminisces about the old computer he worked on when he was young. But more was happening... Under the floor was another world, whose... (more)

The First Computer Mouse cover art by Deborah Koolen
Cover by Deborah Koolen

THE REBEL'S CAGE (Book 4 of Elita)

a Novel by Kate Jacoby

Orion/Gollancz (UK), September 2001
Hardcover (464pp)
isbn 0-5750-6887-6

The Books of Elita combine magic, politics and romance in a magnificent tale of betrayal and revenge as the sorceror Nash continues his mission to... (more)

The Rebel's Cage cover art

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