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GEOMANCER (Book 1 of The Well of Echoes)

a Novel by Ian Irvine

Penguin Australia (Ringwood, VIC), September 2001 (reprint)
Paperback (620pp, 182x110mm) $19.95
isbn 0-1402-9232-2

Two hundred years after The Forbidding was broken, Santhenar is locked in war with the lyrinx - intelligent, winged predators who will do anything to... (more)

Geomancer cover art by Nick Stathopoulos/Cathy Larsen
Cover by Nick Stathopoulos/Cathy Larsen

WRAITH TIDE (Book 3 of Erebus Equilibrium)

a Novel by Neil Cladingboel, September 2001
Paperback (8.58x5.56in)

Defeated in Erebus and angry over the loss of the Anvil amulet and his subsequent banishment, Jonathan's nemesis conspires to release armies of... (more)

Wraith Tide cover art


a Children's Book by Gary Crew & Craig Smith

Lothian (Port Melbourne, VIC), September 2001
Hardcover (32pp, 280x210mm) $24.95
isbn 0-7344-0194-4 (apn 9780734401946)

Arno lives in the middle of his family's junkyard and at school he's known as Rat Head, Stinky Bum,or just plain Arno the Garbo. His school reports... (more)

Arno the Garbo cover art by Craig Smith
Cover by Craig Smith


a Novel by Matthew Reilly

Pan Macmillan (Sydney, NSW), August 2001
Trade Paperback $27.95
isbn 0-7329-1085-4

The author of Ice Station is back and thrillers just got a whole lot faster. Hidden deep in the Utah desert is an Air Force installation known only... (more)

Area 7 cover art

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