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a Novel by Matthew Reilly

Pan Macmillan (Sydney, NSW), August 2001
Trade Paperback $27.95
isbn 0-7329-1085-4

The author of Ice Station is back and thrillers just got a whole lot faster. Hidden deep in the Utah desert is an Air Force installation known only... (more)

Area 7 cover art

THE EYE OF ULAM (Book 2 of Storymaze)

a Children's Comic by Terry Denton

Allen & Unwin (St Leonards, NSW), August 2001
Paperback (132pp, 195x130mm)
isbn 1-8650-8358-5

The comic extravaganza full of laughs, no sex and of course absolutely no blood! Themes of the story include life, death, friendship, adventure... (more)

The Eye of Ulam cover art


a Young Adult Novel by Kierin Meehan

Puffin (Australia), August 2001
Paperback (228pp, 129x198mm) $14.95
isbn 0-1410-0044-9

When her mother takes her to Japan, Hannah would much rather be back in Australia starting secondary school with her friends.

But her
... (more)

Hannah's Winter cover art


a Young Adult Novel by Allan Baillie

Puffin (Australia), August 2001
Paperback (96pp, 198x129mm) $12.95
isbn 0-1413-1041-3

Little Bay Village has a gigantic problem, and it needs a wizard to solve it. But when Meg and Russ are given the desperate mission to find the... (more)

Foggy cover art

< Publications after 27-Aug-2001

Publications before 19-Aug-2001 >

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