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a Magazine edited by Ben Payne

Potato Monkey, August 2001
Prestige Format (A5) (80pp)

Potato Monkey #1 features:
  • "Into the Mist" by Robert N Stephenson
  • "Psychology" by Robbie Matthews
  • "Calapaya" by Trent... (more)

Potato Monkey

Cover Art

Not Available


a Novel by Andrew Whitmore

Xlibris (US), August 2001
Trade Paperback (164pp)
isbn 0-7388-5630-4

Not everyone is suited to life in paradise. Pagad Trevayne, for one, can’t imagine any place he’d less rather be.

According to
... (more)

Above Atlas His Shoulders cover art

THE MAYFLOWER PROJECT (Book 1 of Remnants)

a Young Adult Novel by K A Applegate

Scholastic (Gosford, NSW), August 2001
Paperback $9.95
isbn 0-5908-7997-9

From K A Applegate, best-selling author of "Animorphs" and "Everworld", comes a dark and powerful new series that begins with the end of the Earth as... (more)

The Mayflower Project

Cover Art

Not Available

ORB: Speculative Fiction (Issue 2)

a Magazine edited by Sarah Endacott

Orb Publications, August 2001
Prestige Format (A5) (218pp, 250x143mm) $16.00
issn 1442-5580

Peeling skins on pink-bodied women… Looking for a lost New Zealand… Wicked children half-trolls… Being a fish husband… Emotional vampires… A tree... (more)

Orb cover art by Daryl Lindquist
Cover by Daryl Lindquist

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Publications before 01-Aug-2001 >

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