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BLACK EAGLE RISING (Book 3 of Elita)

a Novel by Kate Jacoby

Gollancz (UK), June 2001 (reprint)
Paperback (457pp) $17.95
isbn 1-8579-8750-0

The sorcerer Nash, grievously wounded by Robert Douglas when he wielded the Word of Destruction, destroyed the evil Malachi and razed Elita to the... (more)

Black Eagle Rising cover art by Jon Sullivan
Cover by Jon Sullivan

SHADOW DANCE (Book 1 of Shades)

a Young Adult Novel by Robert Hood

Hodder Headline (Sydney, NSW), June 2001
Paperback (168pp, 198x128mm) $14.95
isbn 0-7336-1296-2

There are creatures abroad in the Shadow Realm; teenagers who were once taken out of their time and place by a sinister force. But somehow, these... (more)

Shadow Dance cover art

THE YEAR OF INTELLIGENT TIGERS: An Eighth Doctor Novel Featuring Angie and Fitz (Doctor Who)

a Novel by Kate Orman

BBC Books (UK), June 2001
Paperback (276pp)
isbn 0-5635-3831-7

'Doctor!' said Anji. This couldn't be happening, he couldn't just walk out on them! 'Look, give them a chance, they're frightened, they're... (more)

The Year of Intelligent Tigers cover art

THE ANVIL AMULET (Book 2 of Erebus Equilibrium)

a Novel by Neil Cladingboel, June 2001
Paperback (128pp, 8.58x5.56in)
isbn 1-5893-9076-8

Having survived his ordeal in Erebus, Jonathan Malone tries to put the events of the past behind him, and life returns to normal for a while.... (more)

The Anvil Amulet cover art

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