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a Novel by Cameron Rogers

Penguin (Ringwood, VIC), May 2001
Paperback (292pp, 198x129mm) $17.95
isbn 0-1402-8078-2

Desperate to escape his past, Henry Lockrose, dead for two hundred years, has trapped little Walter inside the shell of his own body. Now hes after... (more)

The Music of Razors cover art by David Althiem
Cover by David Althiem

SPACE GAMES (Takeaways)

a Young Adult Novel by Mike Carter

Lothian (Port Melbourne, VIC), May 2001
Paperback (160pp, 195x125mm) $12.95
isbn 0-7344-0273-2 (apn 9780734402738)

In the distant past an alien race sent probes across billions of light years to discover traces of life. From the outermost brink of the universe a... (more)

Space Games cover art

DARK IS THE MOON (Book 3 of The View From the Mirror)

a Novel by Ian Irvine

Orbit (UK), May 2001 (reprint)
Paperback (684pp)
isbn 1-8414-9038-5

Rulke the Great Betrayer is free at last to use the deadly construct he has spent a thousand years perfecting. To succeed he needs just one thing -... (more)

Dark Is The Moon cover art by Mark Sofilas
Cover by Mark Sofilas


a Novel by Anthony O'Neill

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), May 2001
Trade Paperback (576pp, 154x234mm) $27.50
isbn 0-7322-6878-8

A sweeping historical drama which tells the story of the famed storyteller Scheherazade, 20 years after she started spinning her... (more)

Scheherazade cover art

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Publications before 02-May-2001 >

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