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THE ULTIMATE SKATES (Trend Fiction Series 6)

a Children's Book by Paul Collins

Pearson Education (Frenchs Forest, NSW), May 2001
Paperback (36pp)
isbn 0-7339-2365-8

Cameron is no spore at doing a parallel 540 on his roller blades. But when Bilco Willnott recruits him to try out new blades for BladeTech’s... (more)

The Ultimate Skates cover art by Shaun Tan
Cover by Shaun Tan


a Young Adult Novel by Ranulfo Concon

University of Queensland Press (QLD), May 2001
Paperback (144pp, 190x127mm) $16.95
isbn 0-7022-3215-7

Napolean was born to conquer the world—or something. But the world can be a disappointing place. Busting his way out of school he takes to... (more)

Nirvana's Children cover art

THE ILL-MADE MUTE (Book 1 of The Bitterbynde Trilogy)

a Novel by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

TOR (US), May 2001
Hardcover (448pp, 9.30x6.32in)
isbn 0-4465-2832-3

In a world where creatures of legend haunt the lands of men, and to be caught outside after dark means almost certain death, the inhabitants of Isse... (more)

The Ill-Made Mute cover art by Daniel Craig
Cover by Daniel Craig


a Novel by Chuck McKenzie

Abby the Troll (Pardeeville, WI (US)), May 2001 (reprint)

Free publicity isn't something you turn down; especially not when you're a formerly successful Australian celebrity superstar whose current... (more)

Worlds Apart cover art

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Publications before 01-May-2001 >

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