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a Collection by Paul Collins

Wildside Press (US), April 2001
Trade Paperback (160pp)
isbn 1-5871-5333-5

"Edgy, strange, disconcerting, alarming, as speculative fiction is supposed to be. Collins writes the definitive well-crafted, dangerous story."... (more)

Stalking Midnight cover art

LIRAEL: Daughter of the Clayr

a Novel by Garth Nix

HarperCollins (US), April 2001 (reprint)
isbn 0-0602-7823-4

Dark forces are abroad once more in the Old Kingdom. Lirael, solitary daughter of the Clayr, and Sameth, the reluctant Abhorsen-in-Waiting, both seek... (more)

Lirael cover art

EARTH IS BUT A STAR: Excursions through Science Fiction to the Far Future

an Anthology edited by Damien Broderick

UWA Press (Nedlands, WA), April 2001
Trade Paperback $34.95
isbn 1-8762-6854-9

Our sun is a vast, sullen wheel hanging at the horizon. Beings walk the dying world in its red light, but few are human. Robots return from the... (more)

Earth Is But A Star cover art


a Novel by Felicity Pullman

Random House (Milsons Point, NSW), April 2001

Who was the Lady of Shalott? Could she have been an Australian teenager, come from the future in a quest to capture the love of Lancelot and so save... (more)

Shalott cover art by Wayne Harris
Cover by Wayne Harris

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Publications before 01-Apr-2001 >

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