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TREASON KEEP (Book 2 of The Demon Child Trilogy)

a Novel by Jennifer Fallon

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), February 2001
Paperback $17.50
isbn 0-7322-6621-1

Ríshiel, nearly dead, is taken to Sanctuary. The Harshini are adamant that she must survive. For Brak, the price is hard to live with, but Ríshielís... (more)

Treason Keep cover art


an Anthology edited by Jack Dann & Janeen Webb

TOR (US), February 2001 (reprint)
Hardcover (560pp, 9.56x6.52in) $27.95
isbn 0-3128-7811-7

A reissue of the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology. Contributors include Sara Douglass, Sean Williams, Simon Brown, Kerry Greenwood, Isobelle... (more)

Dreaming Down-Under cover art by Nick Stathopoulos
Cover by Nick Stathopoulos

REFLECTIONS (Book 1 of Erebus Equilibrium)

a Novel by Neil Cladingboel, January 2001
Paperback (138pp, 8.58x5.56in)
isbn 0-9703-6829-1

Suffering a devastating childhood loss, Jonathan Edward Malone becomes withdrawn and despaired, blaming himself for the tragedies which have befallen... (more)

Reflections cover art

THE ULTIMATE WAVE (Book 1 of Storymaze)

a Children's Comic by Terry Denton

Allen & Unwin (St Leonards, NSW), January 2001
Hardcover (48pp, 195x130mm)
isbn 1-8766-3100-7

From the funniest man in the Southern Hemisphere comes a new blockbuster - the ultimate adventure in space and time! Themes of the story include... (more)

The Ultimate Wave cover art

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Publications before 25-Jan-2001 >

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