Ditmar 2001 Nominations Open

Official nomination forms for the 2001 Ditmar Awards have been distributed with the National Convention's latest Progress Report, and made available online in pdf format.

The 2001 committee have for the first time adopted the full twelve categories in new rules, which now officially include the William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism of Review and add Best New Talent, Best Professional Achievement and Best Fan Achievement to last year's nomination categories.

Nominations are open to members of the 2001 National Convention and "natural persons active in fandom", and the form—which incorporates the Western Australian SF Achievement Awards ("Tin Ducks") 2001 nomination form and bylaws—must be turned to the committee by 3rd March 2001.

Nomination forms are to be returned to the following address (which is not printed on the form):
Attention Mark Bivens
Ditmars/Tin Ducks
PO Box 162
and many eligible works are listed on Marc Ortlieb's 2000 Australian Science Fiction page.

(Friday, February 23 @ 13:43:47 WST)

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